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Nov 06, 2011

really liked it
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“Hello, this is Scott Snyder.”

“Scott, this is Stephen King.”

“Wow! I’m a huge fan, Mr. King. It’s an honor to talk to you.”

“Of course it is. The reason I’m calling is that I was just looking over this American Vampire story you’re working up as a comic series. This is great stuff, kid.”

“Thanks! That means a lot coming from you, Mr. King.”

“Of course it does. This is a fun idea, and I really like this Skinner Sweet character. A vicious Old West bank robber who gets turned into a new breed of vampire is very cool. And I love that your vamps are bloodthirsty monsters. None of this forbidden-love-sparkling-in-the-sun bullshit.”

“Yes, I definitely wanted to make this more of a horror comic with a character who could move through different phases of American history.”

“So in this first phase, you’re going to tell the two parallel stories of Skinner Sweet’s origin back in the cowboy days along with the one set in 1920s Hollywood with the struggling actress and the powerful vamps running the town?”

“That’s the plan, and I’m so glad you liked it. I was hoping we could talk you into writing an introduction for it when….”

“Introduction, hell. Give me a piece of this action. I want to write some of it.”

“You want to write for my comic? Uh….I don‘t think Vertigo can afford to pay what you usually make, Mr. King.”

“Don’t worry about it. We’ll work something out. Now, I was thinking that I could write up the origin piece of Skinner, and you could do the Hollywood story. How does that sound?”

“You want to write the origin?”

“Is that a problem? You don’t sound very happy about it, Scott.”

“Oh, I’d love to work with you, Mr. King. It’s just that….I’ve been thinking about this Skinner Sweet character for years, and now that I’m getting a chance to finally do it, I was really looking forward to writing that origin.”

“I understand you’re a little disappointed, but this was more of ‘I’m-Telling-You’ versus ‘I’m-Asking-You’ kind of a thing.”

“Uh…You’re telling me that you’re going to get involved with my comic and write the origin story of my character when I was just asking you for an introduction?”

“Basically. But don’t take this as a bad thing. Do you know what having my name on this is going to do for your sales?”

“I know it’d mean a lot more visbility for the series, but I really just wanted an introduction, Mr. King. I mean, have you ever even written for comics before?”

“No, but what’s the big deal? I directed a movie once and had no idea what the hell I was doing and everything came out fine.”

“Mr. King, I don’t know about this…”

“Scott, let me put it this way. I’m all inspired. If you don’t let me work with you on the comic, then I’m just going to have sit down and crank out a 1000 page novel in the next 72 hours about a cowboy vampire working his way through American history. I can probably have it available on Amazon by next Tuesday. Is that what you want?”

“No, definitely not. I guess I should say….Welcome aboard… Maybe?”

“That’s the spirit, Scott. We’ll crank this mother out and then I’ll jam a copy up Stephenie Meyer’s ass the next time I see her. She just annoys the hell out of me.”


“This is going to be great. I always wanted to write a funny book. Talk to you later.”*

* King’s introduction and Snyder’s afterward don’t give any indication that Snyder was anything but thrilled to have King involved, but I just found it really funny that King was asked for an introduction and essentially invited himself to write half the story. Not too many writers could get away with that. It didn‘t hurt the story one bit and this is a fun and nasty twist on vamps in horror comics.
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message 1: by Stephen (new) - added it

Stephen Well done, sir.

Kemper Stephen wrote: "Well done, sir."

Thanks! I just hope King doesn't send any minions after me for my insolence.

message 3: by Stephen (new) - added it

Stephen Kemper wrote: "Stephen wrote: "Well done, sir."

Thanks! I just hope King doesn't send any minions after me for my insolence."

Good point...on second thought, this review was in very poor taste.

Brandon Outstanding, Kemper. Great review!

Kemper Brandon wrote: "Outstanding, Kemper. Great review!"


Trudi You SLAY me!!!

Kemper Trudi wrote: "You SLAY me!!!

?? My name is not Buffy...


Mohammed I actually enjoyed most part SK wrote of the volume. I havent enjoyed SK writing in years.

Hope Skinner is as bad and hardcore with Snyder writing only.

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

This review is awesome.

Kemper Jennifer wrote: "This review is awesome."


Amanda I'm willing to pants Stephanie Meyer if it will expedite the book-jamming process.

Kemper Amanda wrote: "I'm willing to pants Stephanie Meyer if it will expedite the book-jamming process."

You will be texted a location, date and time for pantsing to occur so that Mr. King may engage in Phase Two of the operation.

message 13: by Henrik (new)

Henrik This was quite funny to read

Kemper Henrik wrote: "This was quite funny to read"

Glad you liked it.

Covingtoncat73 Love it (both your review and the comic in question). Thanks for the laugh?

Kemper Covingtoncat73 wrote: "Love it (both your review and the comic in question). Thanks for the laugh?"

My pleasure.

message 17: by Mich (new) - rated it 4 stars

Mich Great review. Just hilarious. Thank you. :)

Kemper Mich wrote: "Great review. Just hilarious. Thank you. :)"

Glad you liked it.

Brendan Howard Ha! It DID work out pretty well...

Kemper Brendan wrote: "Ha! It DID work out pretty well..."


Ronyell Awesome dialogue Kemper!! I really enjoyed this comic too!!

message 22: by Shalamar (new) - added it

Shalamar bah! one of best reviews ever. well played.

Kemper Shalamar wrote: "bah! one of best reviews ever. well played."


Kelly (and the Book Boar) Ha! I love this review.

message 25: by Iveth (new) - added it

Iveth Martinez What hilarious review, but totally true!

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