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Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan
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did not like it
bookshelves: dnf, 1-star-plz-make-it-stop

I haven't DNFed a book in a while but I just can't seem to get into this one.

I don't need to know that the character's penis is getting hard while staring at the boobs of the woman he's interviewing about the death of her husband (twice in 3 pages!).

I don't need to know he's half-ass masturbating back in his hotel room.

I don't need to know about the boobs of every female characters, especially if you're going to call them "elusive globes".

I don't need a cringy sex scene and all of this before page 120. I just don't.

This was sold to me as a great sci fi book with clones but it read like a bad porn written by a 15yo.
Not for me.

For more salt: https://youtu.be/LcjKU0o9f3c?t=352
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April 19, 2018 – Started Reading
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11.04% ""Boobs, boobs, penis, boobs, penis"

Now that it's out of my system, I can keep reading!"
April 26, 2018 – Finished Reading

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Aqsa (On Hiatus) Lol!

message 2: by sue (new)

sue 😳

Noemi Read this a while ago and when they announced they were doing an adaptation I couldn't believe it. but then when I saw the trailer I thought, this will do a great TV show ! One of the rare time you can say "the movie was better"

Emily (Books with Emily Fox) Noemi wrote: "Read this a while ago and when they announced they were doing an adaptation I couldn't believe it. but then when I saw the trailer I thought, this will do a great TV show ! One of the rare time you..."

I'm still planning on watching the TV show! I'm really hoping I'll enjoy it!

message 5: by Estefânia (new)

Estefânia that's so bad :(( I've watched the tv show (but never read the book) and I quite enjoyed it, maybe it's one of those rare times when the show is better than the book

message 6: by Sanchari16 (new) - added it

Sanchari16 maybe its due to the sci fi overdose you recently had

Emily (Books with Emily Fox) Sanchari16 wrote: "maybe its due to the sci fi overdose you recently had"

Doubt it. I'm reading more sci-fi right now and planning on reading more after and I'm very excited about it! :)

Benjamin I mostly enjoyed this, but yes I know what you mean. Reading Morgan is kind of like watching a HBO show: "Oh, another gratuitous sex scene!" His main character has seen and done it all, yet he acts like a hyper-sexed teenage boy.

message 9: by Carla (new)

Carla Ramirez Lmao

message 10: by Carla (new)

Carla Ramirez Btw what does DNF mean?

Audrey This is low quality by sci fi standards. I would have dnf’ed if it weren’t for a book challenge. (dnf = did not finish)

“Six Wakes” is about transferring downloaded consciousness to clones, similar to this premise, and I liked that one a lot more.

message 12: by Nina (new) - added it

Nina oh what a shame! I absolutely loved the TV show and was planning to read the book as well now I'm not so sure anymore..

message 13: by Heather (new)

Heather Stahl Weber I have not tried to read the book but the show is great! Are you planning on watching it?

message 14: by Laura (new) - added it

Laura Pobursky The show is fantastic! But I also didn’t finish this book. Too many unnecessary sexual details and no clear focus.
Also he calls a woman’s breasts “elusive globes”.....really???

Such a disappointment.

message 15: by Anik (new)

Anik Worked on the show.. hated the show and this review is just reenforcing the fact that I will not read the book!

Seadrift Yeah, you are not the first person I talk to who dislikes the sex scenes in the first book, and if you didn't enjoy them, you are going to have a hard time reading book 2 and 3 because the guy goes on a several pages-long tirade describing his sex scene in very great detail ;D

As a guy who grew up reading science fiction, the Takeshi Kovacs were released almost 20 years ago, and I only recently picked them up, but I can say that it's not like my life would have never tasted colour and rainbows had I never found the series. They are good, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Seadrift Soon to be real mind and thought transfer? What?

message 18: by Emily (new) - rated it 1 star

Emily (Books with Emily Fox) Timothy wrote: "It's a shame your delicate sensitivity regarding casual sexual innuendo caused you to quit this amazing novel. I consider it a must read for anyone who's into sci-fi and especially novels in that g..."

"Your delicate sensitivity" Please be more condescending 🙄
When the book is pretty boring after 120 pages but the main character has had the time to tell you multiple times the boobs of the woman who's husband got killed are making him hard, that he's masturbating in the hotel room before bed but really isn't into it and then there's a cringy sex scene...
It's just a bad book. There are other books with a similar topic that are done better. To each their own but let's not be a dick about it!

message 19: by Seadrift (last edited May 28, 2018 03:08PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Seadrift I'm still waiting for the response to that ''soon to be reality conscience-transfer and thoughts transfer'' comment.

Will I be able to transfer my conscience into a clone of Brad Pitt? Say yes, please 🤣

Hey, I love science fiction as much as the next bloke, but people need to realize there's fiction and then there's reality, and that no matter science might advance, there are some things that are very likely not to happen.

''I'd suggest maybe checking out the Netflix series based on the book.''

I've watched all of the episodes of the netflix series. It was pretty bad. I know it will have a season 2 because netflix series are always given 2 seasons, but I wonder if there'll be a third season.

''Oh well. You should read Station 11 if you like Dystopian Lite. It's nice and PG like Hunger Games.

Yeah, you know, today I was at my local supermarket and I saw The Hunger Games series right next to the hygiene section for men.

There were rows of shaving razors and shaving cream. Maybe someone who likes to disregard what others enjoy to read should find his way to the Hunger Games novels? He might just find something next to it that might come handy 🤣

Seadrift Yeah, are you really comparing cell phones and netflix and moon landings with conscience and thoughts transfers?


message 21: by Hope (new) - rated it 2 stars

Hope I DNF'd this book after 266 pages. I don't mind the show but this book.... What really made me uncomfortable about the sex scene on page 120 was that Takeshi would not have slept with Miriam if not for the drug excreted from her body. It makes his consent questionable.

message 22: by Christina (new)

Christina Bartholet You got further than me. I just stopped on page 25 after the 3rd mention of breasts in two pages. Plus his analogies are so pretentious. Kudos for making it so far. I had to stop to see if anybody else was actually put off by the writing. Glad it wasn’t just me

Jacqui Hencsie I'm 2/3s of the way done and I'm also not finishing this claptrap.

Timothy Ware It was boring. The books are long, tedious, and do not progress. I should say the first book, as I will not bother reading the their two. The as-built world is such that there could be truly unique sex seems and instead even those were bland and unnecessary.

message 25: by C (new) - rated it 2 stars

C You didn't miss much. Decent story line but at times seems like it was written by someone in middle school.

message 26: by Simalova (new)

Simalova I absolutely agree with this. I couldn't watch the show or read the book. I was about 30% in before I came to my senses and decided it was a WASTE of my precious time. The sex scenes, the prostitution, the grotesque torture, the unnecessary swearing, etc etc. And all that before any solid development in the story had taken place! I'm guessing that the author thought "I gotta fill up these pages. how about throw some shitty content in there till I get a grip on my own story!"

Jared Woody I think you’re missing a fair context in this story. In a future where death doesn’t matter, and you swing easily from body to body, your spouse does too, and you leap forward in time by decades or centuries because of digital storage, you’re utterly disconnected from life.
To an extent the sex in the book becomes the grasp for living pleasure and true human experience in a society that’s basically collapsed the human mind down to software levels of caring.

message 28: by Ece (new) - rated it 1 star

Ece Emirhan I finished this book and I must say that I am proud of myself. The odd and forced sexual bits, especially page 120 was too much for me. Just no.

message 29: by Alexandra (new)

Alexandra The show is quite good actually. Judging from your review, definitely a case of film better than the book! Thanks for saving me from buying the book 😉

message 30: by Mars (new)

Mars Rising ...oh and Emily gets confused about the difference between clones and sleeves. But she admitted she didn't finish the book or understand it.

message 31: by Clinton (new)

Clinton Bowers Thanks for your reviews, They've always steered me in a good direction and kept me away from books with too much garbage in them. I appreciate your reviews.

Vytas Žalys Haha, I had similar reaction. However, I've seen the TV show before reading the book, so was ready for some really graphic stuff.
Nevertheless, I think you made a mistake by dropping it. Yes, it starts awkwardly, but ends with a bang. It is a great sci-fi book.

message 33: by Nancy (new)

Nancy Thanks for the warning.

message 34: by Avani (new)

Avani _YES_ Also he completely fails to objectify certain women. I wonder what they all have in common...

message 35: by AJ (new) - added it

AJ I wish I'd read your review before starting this book. I agree 100%. I was powering past these scenes til I got to the part where he declares that periods are a woman's kryptonite (in far more offensive ways). Learn something about biology before writing a story that involves so much of it. Pass.

message 36: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca Rose I just want to thank you for saving me both time and money. I cannot possibly read a book that refers to breasts as elusive globes. Breasts look nothing like globes. And I have zero interest in penises in any capacity.

Leticia I agree, the story and mystery is interesting but it isn't for me.

Benno Hansen This book isn't exactly growing on me either, but if two people are having a conversation and one is getting sexually aroused by the other, that's a significant detail that cannot be left out.

Audrey I didn’t need THAT much detail to get the point. I felt ill by the end of those scenes.

message 40: by Eric (new)

Eric Plume Audrey wrote: "I didn’t need THAT much detail to get the point. I felt ill by the end of those scenes."

I'm with you on this one. I DNFed this book years ago, and it was the sexual content that left me feeling vaguely skeeved. Since then I've come to understand that a lot of male authors are sexually frustrated and it shows in how they write about women.

Jacqui Hencsie Anyone else live for this comment thread and likes to flip a coin on whether a new comment is going to be someone reasonable agreeing or someone unreasonable saying the reasonable people are just prudes?? 😂

Lasha Metreveli haha you disliked book because of that? humans have sex and men get hard .grow up

Audrey Lasha wrote: “haha you disliked book because of that? humans have sex and men get hard .grow up”

Well, I happen to be ace and found it revolting. If others liked it, I’m happy for them.

message 44: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Solomin Thanks for the warning!

aaaasssiia Trying to get through it now... pure misogyny. I’m loving the action, the detail in carnage, and the stylized way he’s bringing the character’s history into the fold, but for the love of god could this author hate women more?

Audrey aaaasssiia wrote: “Trying to get through it now… pure misogyny. I’m loving the action, the detail in carnage, and the stylized way he’s bringing the character’s history into the fold, but for the love of god could …”


message 47: by KF (new) - rated it 2 stars

KF Lol elusive globes

Lassi Seppälä Sex, violence and power seem to be important themes in the Takeshi Kovacs trilogy. I could be wrong, but I don’t think it’s misogyny on the authors part. He is writing _about_ misogyny and other issues in a world where people can swap bodies and live forever. Here’s an example from the second book in the trilogy:
“No telling how a combat sleeve might be wired at this level. Or any male sleeve, come to that. Dig down into the blood depths of hormonal bedrock, where violence and sex and power grow fibrously entwined. It’s a murky, complicated place down there. No telling what you’ll drag up once you start excavating.”

Lassi Seppälä But yeah, I also found those scenes cringe worthy. Could have been written better.

message 50: by Fueko (new) - rated it 1 star

Fueko Kikuma I did not finish this book. I wouldn't have minded the sex if it made sense or it was amusing to the story. But it was none of the above. It was just a bonehead dude that thought about sex a lot. Scifi is just frosting for this one. Not a lot of development nor exploration of the setting. Just him and his boring narcissistic thoughts. An amazing premise will not save a whole book.

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