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My Husband's Wife by Jane  Corry
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it was ok
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Well this wasn't that great to me. We have two characters that were terrible in their own ways and I guess what the author considered twists/reveals. In the end the lack of development and interesting plot left me bored when the book finally gets to the end. I would call this out as similar to "The Girl Before" with two women who should know better getting involved with sub-par men. It drives me up the wall that the big thing in this genre now is a woman who either is being lied to by a man and or is lying to a man. The woman is probably blonde and or attractive. And the man in question may as well hold up a sign saying "I am evil" and the woman ignores all warning signs about the man and just goes traipsing along like it's not a big deal.

"My Husband's Wife" has two main characters, Lily and Carla. The book starts off with newly married Lily working on a potential case of an innocent man who was tried and convicted for the murder of his live in girlfriend.

Carla is Lily's 9 year old neighbor. Carla is dealing with her mother and her being gone a lot now that her mother is dating someone named Larry. Carla wishes that her mother was home more and wants more than anything to be rid of Larry.

Eventually the two characters stories sync up (it takes a little bit) when Lily comes home one day and finds Carla injured after an incident at her school. Carla's mother then starts to depend on Lily and her husband Ed to watch Carla for her.

Eventually things come to a head and the story skips ahead 16 years later when Carla is in her late 20s and Lily is in her 40s or I think just turned 40. The time jumps got to me after a while and I stopped paying attention.

Lily has issues galore. She is still shaken over the death of her brother from about a decade ago. She loves her new husband, but feels like he is only with her out of charity. The angst you get from Lily concerning that her husband can't love a woman her size (she's a 14) and the anger she has about his ex girlfriend is constant in the early part of the book. Lily also is naive as anything. She starts obsessing about the convicted criminal whose case she is working on who reminds her of her brother. That says it all right there right?

Carla is not a great character as child and it's even worse when she pops back up again as an adult. Carla runs around thinking she is owed something and uses her looks to get back at those she thinks have wronged her.

I have to say that books that come out saying they are a psychological thriller should actually be a psychological thriller. There is no "there" in this book. The author takes us down a long winding road to get to what happened with LIly's brother. And then it doesn't make sense to me when we get the reveal why in the world did Lily's mother react this way to her son's death (pretending he's not dead). I just rolled my eyes.

The writing wasn't great and the flow was awful. I think having an adult and a child as the main characters for the first half wasn't that great of an idea. It also grossed me out a bit when we get to the second part of the book when you read about Carla and who she eventually gets involved with.

The setting of London ends up reading as bleak and oppressive. Everyone is a liar and everyone is grossly unhappy.

The ending fizzled out a lot. It was just more justifications for the character of Lily to make about why she's a terrible person, but has reasons for it.
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March 21, 2018 –
page 51
13.67% "I am not liking the dual POVs. We have Lily (a lawyer working an appeals case) and Carla (a 9 year old dealing with her mother and her special friendship with a man named Larry)."
March 21, 2018 –
page 51
13.67% "Lilly feels off to me in some weird way. I don't like the interactions between her and her has to be full of crap client. I also wonder would you even be working an appeals case if the client refuses to tell you about new evidence and is making up clues for you to solve?"
March 21, 2018 –
page 51
13.67% "She is newly married to a man named Ed and seems to be doubting he loves her as much as he did his ex girlfriend. Due to her size (size 14) she wonders if he really is as happy with her as he says he is.

Nothing on Carla much besides I am bored with her POV."
March 21, 2018 –
page 127
34.05% "All caught up with updates. This book is boring. You still don't know what occurred between Lily and her dead brother Daniel. She apparently was a virgin prior to her marriage and isn't having sex with her husband and itscausingit issues. She alsonowa obsessed with a potential murderer whose case she's working on.

Carla's story---still don't care."
March 23, 2018 –
page 135
36.19% "Going to work on this today so I can take it back to the library tomorrow.

We now have a reveal about Lily's husband that makes me wonder why he did marry her. They both appear to be miserable and she's still obsessing about the possible murderer in jail."
March 23, 2018 –
page 373
100.0% "This book was such a muddle. Too much was happening and I didn't care for either of the characters we followed (Lilly and Carla). It made me think a bit about "The Girl Before" where the two women find themselves drawn to a man that has not a good choice written all over him."
March 23, 2018 –
page 373
100.0% "The development of the characters was thin. The plot was not great. The writing was just okay and the flow was hampered by jumping between two characters and then the timelines jumping ahead.

Not a one star read, but probably more towards a two star read. Review to follow."
March 23, 2018 – Shelved as: 2018-library-books
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