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What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty
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Nov 04, 2011

really liked it

Ten years ago what would your former self think of the person you have become today? The premise for What Alice Forgot is fantastic and while I thought this was a good read it did not live up to its potential.

Alice receives a bump on her head and loses a decade of her life. The journey we travel with Alice is reconciling her 29 year old self and beliefs with the 39 year old wife and mother she has become. Most alarming to Alice is the state of her relationships and the inability to remember her children. She is also amazed how her organizational and leadership skills have increased over the years.

Unfortunately, Alice's voice and reasoning is in the tone of a teenager as she discovers what has happened in her life over the last decade. Her maturity level is what keeps this book from being great. She was a woman at 29 and not a girl of 16. The naive and girly disbelief detracted from the story.

What Moriarty does well as an author is recognize how emotions, injustices and the general BUSYness of life can impact who you are over time.

It begs the question(s):

*what part of you have you pushed down inside as you try to get through life?
*What grudges are you holding instead of working on the positives in your relationships?
*Who have you left behind and why? Do you need to refocus your energies?

The novel ended on a high note. The last third of the book is excellent as memories start returning for Alice and she reconciles her former beliefs with who she is. I love the honesty of her relationships and how she can ask questions about her relationships without baggage from the last 10 years. In doing this, she really hears what her friends and family have to say. She also recognizes that her younger bohemian self can fit into her life today (and should!). Plus, I'm a girl that loves a mystery and Gina provided a huge suspense factor to the story line.

This is definitely worth a read.

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