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God Is Dead by Ron Currie Jr.
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May 28, 2008

really liked it
bookshelves: fiction, fiction-short-stories

A good book is one that keeps you turning the pages, looking forward to the story unfolding, and its eventual conclusion.
A great book is one that you have to stop, step back from, because you don't want it to end. This is a great book.
Currie presents a collection of short stories, connected in that they are all occurring after, and as a result of, the death of god. Each one focuses on a slightly different theme. Each one has a different feel. Another goodreads reviewer prompts the reader to "observe how the author's lens moves in and out". Sometimes the focus is narrow, the perspective of one person. Other times the focus is wide, a whole world, a collective consciousness.
A few of the stories on their own are definite five star material.
I found "interview with the last remaining member of the feral dog pack which fed on god's corpse" to be the deepest and most creative story in the collection. Currie conveys a haunting emptiness left by god's demise. "The answer is, I don't have an answer. I can offer no comfort and little insight. I am not your God. Or, if I am, I'm no God you can seek out for deliverance or explanation. I'm the kind of God who would eat you without compunction if I were hungry. You're as naked and alone in this world as you were before finding me. And so now the question becomes: Can you abide by this knowledge? Or will it destroy you, empty you out, make you a husk among husks?"
"My brother the murderer" is another great one. Even though you know what's coming, Currie's writing makes it feel as though its a terrible surprise, a twist.
The smoothness of Currie's writing, the finesse with which he walks the line between humor and despair, makes this a fantastic and memorable book.


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