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Anthem by Ayn Rand
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Nov 04, 2011

really liked it
Read on November 04, 2011

Wow a lot of people hate ayn rand apparently. I don't. She might be faulted with extremism, but i find that normal for someone who lived under the shadow of communism which, I suspect, none of her critics did and therefore can not really understand. Did she go too far by saying that charities are the weak milking the poor? Not really. I did charities for years before I realized that there is something parasitic about trying to paint me as a monster if I don't want to help the starving children in Africa when I, a person of fairly good standing and income have doubts about raising a child well enough and some fool in Africa who can barely feed himself decides to have 13 of them. So I canceled them all and the only charities I do now are for animals and the environment that suffers under the weight of human greed. My dollars to the starving children only served to raise people who will have their own dozen of starving children, counting on other people's sympathy and guilt. Nothing changed and as long as mistakes are accomodated, nothing will. Too hard to swallow? Shrug. But back to her book - simple, elegant and to the point. It is simple because it is written from a simple man's point of view and I thought it contained just enough to paint the picture that rand intended. We take personal freedom for granted in our times and we are quick go judge the less 'giving', but I think we underestimate how far and fast things can tip to the other extreme and I am confident that when it came down to it, none of us would want to live in the world of Anthem.

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