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Pieces of Eight by Melissa Wright
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Nov 04, 2011

it was amazing
Read from November 04 to 15, 2011

The sequel to Frey was an amazing read. The characters were brilliant! My particular favorite is chevelle, our male hero. He was perfect. Mysterious, hard to reach but who seemed willing to sacrifice everything, who was willing to stick with Frey no matter the pain to himself. His sacrifice was enough to make you forgive him for his surliness and his stand-offishness.

Spoiler alert:

The only issue I had with the sequel was the aggrivation you feel for Frey because she is continually kept in the dark, mainly because when something big is revealed to her she "shuts down" and blacks out for periods of time. But, even this begins to lend to the story. At first, I couldn't help but wonder if Frey is weak and even asked myself why anyone would risk their life for a weak ruler.

But then you begin to see the brilliance in this strategy. In my opinion, Frey blacks out, not because she is weak but because she is bound. And the fact that she survives this binding without going insane (unlike her aunt) shows she is stronger than any of the other characters and no matter how frustrating it is to see her kept in the dark, it's important to the story. No one wants to overwhelm her and risk damaging the leader they know she is.

This also makes the love story incredibly strong. While reading, I kept yelling at chevelle, "why don't you tell her the truth about your past together!!!????" But then it hit me:

1. He is falling in love with this other side of Frey, the frail side.


2. Who wants to tell someone "hey, just so you know, you're in love with me." He wants her to discover that on her own.

In the end, this deepens their love beyond the extraordinary.

1. Because he stayed beside the new Frey and protected her


2. He was able to love the person she would become when she recovered her memories. How beautiful is that?

Everything she went through made her a more rounded person, eliminating prejudices and making her a better ruler, and it allowed her to fall in love twice with a man who ended up with a better woman.

I love this book. I hope this isn't the end of chevelle and frey's story. I am now invested in their lives.

Melissa Wright is an example of why Indie books, while some can be poorly written, can be an extraordinary work of art for the right kind of writer. What I especially love is that this book was great even without the luxury of an editor. Publishers, where are you? :)
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Jodie Great reviews for these books!!

How frustrating is it when we just want Frey to demand to know everything?! Grrrr. Only at 23% so far, but am still enjoying it despite the frustration...

R.K. Ryals Hi Jodie!

I love fantasy and Paranormal books. There is no limit to what an author can do with it. And I really liked this book, especially since she is an indie author which means that she, more than likely, had to do her own editing and etc. Her imagination and story telling skills were great.

Wierdly, the frustration drove me NUTS at first but as the story progressed, I realized I was inside Frey's head enough to feel her frustration. I couldn't imagine what it must have felt like to be Frey (except I want me some Chevelle). lol.

I felt the ending was a little rushed, but I think it's leading into a trilogy which has me excited! It's amazing the treasures you can find in Indie works if you look in the right places. Though it can be hard to sort through the good and bad stuff (and I say this being an Indie author myself) lol.

So far, Melissa Wright is one of the Indie writers I'm going to enjoy following. I am huge into fantasy and paranormal. My favorite series so far is the Hex Hall series by Rachel Hawkins, The Fever series by Karen Marie Moning (very adult), and I liked a series from Kelley Armstrong (I think they are in my rated books.) I don't think I have any fantasy series other than Frey I'm following for now. lol!

So glad that you connected with me on my review! Big hugs! Enjoy the book! It was a great one!

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