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I loved this book so much I did a reread a couple months after my first read and yet again, I found myself sad to finish! Ghost Walk is certainly all I've written below (amazing, awe-inspiring, funny, etc), but I didn't touch upon how hopeful it truly is. Hope and found family are both huge themes in this book and that is something we need more of in this world (especially now in this current climate).

As I was finishing my reread, I was smiling so hard, with tears in my eyes, just completely happy this book (and these characters) exists.

•— •— •— •— •— •— •— •— •— •— •— •— •—

It comes as no surprise that I've rated Ghost Walk five amazing 🌟's, what with the wild emotional and fantastical ride that I was taken in these 800 pages. It's 800 pages worth of so much happening and so much character development and I never once felt like I was trudging along because I was so immersed in this story. The world-building is great, okay. People who are able to see ghosts and use the power of libris which in short is a magical way to seal ghosts and is so COOL!

Where do I even start?

Perhaps with Maaya Sahni--- one of the most well-written female character that I have had the pleasure of reading. She is only seventeen but had the world on her small shoulders, what with being able to see ghosts in a town where that gift is seen as a curse. Yet she continues on, even when she was so afraid for herself and her friends. She continued on even when forces beyond her control pushed her away through fear and hatred. Her bravery spoke to me so much, especially since her anxieties were explored so well as she communicated her fears to her friends. She contained multitudes within her and all I wanted was for everything to work out and for her to be wholly happy in her dreams of settling with her friends in a safe home. The friendships in it of itself really got to me. They were so well-written and powerful! The different voices for the cast of ghosts, pirates, friends, and everyone in between was brilliant.

How about Saber? With her hilarious but completely and utterly sappy self? And her amazing friendships with Maaya and the Ghost Hunters?

“Just curious: what happens when a ghost goes into a living room?”
Seriously, this is just one out of plenty quality jokes that happen when the Ghost Hunters and Saber connect.
The whole world could be burnt to ash and I wouldn’t be bothered, but… there are some people I’d prefer to stay alive, you know.” Saber got up before Maaya could answer, then floated quickly through the wall and out of sight. Maaya’s smile didn’t leave her face as she started getting dressed for the evening.

Maaya's friendship with Saber was so great to read and to experience because they really build themselves up and helped each other when needed i.e whenever Maaya needed a wingwoman or a great tough-love speech. Honestly, Maaya's friendships with Kim, Kalil and Sovaan a.k.a the Ghost Hunters, as well with Roshan, Adelaide and everyone else that she meets in her mission fell underneath the purest found-family trope ever and the found-family trope has to be my absolute favorite trope! Plus, the idea of kindness interspersed in the narrative to give Maaya hope even when it felt like there was none was so so so sweet to read. That's not to say I didn't shed a few tears... especially when I realized that I finished Ghost Walk. There was the perfect amount of angst and surprise mixed in with silliness and clutching-my-phone-to-my-chest-feels. And that leads to Adelaide Sol.

“Maaya,” Adelaide said warmly, and Maaya thought she had never heard her own name spoken in such a pleasant voice.

Adelaide, Adelaide, Adelaide. A bright sunshine that compliments strangers to befriend people and not be so shy. She's tall and confident, even when she's faking it. She's blunt and Captain of LSV Windfire. And SUCH a great friend to Maaya and Saber. I love her, let me just leave it at that!

Let me just add Rahu, the bane of my existence. We are showed how men like Rahu are the Worst because of the way they use their speech to negatively influence and sway people's minds/opinions. It was despicable how he understood people, used that understanding to capitalize on their fears and manipulated others to do his bidding. Here's something to hint as to his fate...

Adelaide whistled. “Oh, Maaya, that is beautiful. I do believe that qualifies as poetic justice.”

ALSO! No plot point is forgotten, every loose thread is tied up somehow, which I really liked. It's so clever and interesting. The only con I can think of is a couple of editing/spelling mistakes within the book. Plus a couple repetitive adverbs but it didn't minimize my enjoyment so it doesn't lose points for that, in my opinion. An addition to this: Kay Solo went back and made some edits based on comments made in reviews! I'm pretty glad she did so.

I'm not going to be leaving the world of Ghost Walk any time soon. And I'm not even sure I want to! I fell in love with the characters and the story, there's nothing better than that when it comes to reading!

And a couple of one liners from my status updates because why not: "shookth" "MY HEART" "oh man oh man oh MAN"

Addition: I'm including a neat-o graphic I made because it kind of makes me happy and excited :') I just love this book so much that I had to create this for tumblr!

                         graphic edit of ghost walk
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Kay Solo
“I’m so glad," Maaya exclaimed. “It looks like there should be plenty of room for Adelaide and I to hide behind you whenever a pulse comes up."
"Indeed. Just stay behind me, fair maidens, and I will protect you," Saber said valiantly.
"That didn’t take long to go to your head,” Maaya snorted.
"My head is literally the source of your salvation, what did you expect?”
Kay Solo, Ghost Walk
tags: humor

Kay Solo
“It was the wanderers Maaya pitied. They were the ones who had been dead for so long that they had lost almost all their humanity. Death had ever so slowly driven them mad, trapping them in the in-between they could exist in but not interact with, the place where they could see and hear all that couldn’t see or hear them. Many spoke in languages long dead, if they remembered how to speak at all. In a world full of people, they were utterly alone, and over the centuries and millennia, they became numb to it all.”
Kay Solo, Ghost Walk

Kay Solo
“Ghosts weren’t inherently mean, but many were standoffish. Many ghosts, after a certain length of time, became used to routine. They stayed in the same places in the same company, and generally had no reason or desire to leave. Beyond that, they were peaceful until disturbed. This was what people didn’t understand about ghosts. Most of them didn’t harbor any ill will towards the living or have some unexplainable animosity toward inanimate objects – they were just stubborn and didn’t like change.”
Kay Solo, Ghost Walk

Kay Solo
“Maaya let out a breath and shook her head.
"I couldn’t have found a girl with a pet cat or something."
Adelaide leaned over and planted a kiss on her cheek.
"Please. After all you know about me, my giant metal pet spider clock is surely one of the more normal things about me.”
Kay Solo, Ghost Walk

Kay Solo
“For all the experiences she had, for all the knowledge she had accumulated over the years, she was back to feeling as though she knew nothing at all. She was a stranger in a strange world, one so infinite and broad in scope that it likely didn't even realize, or care, that she existed.”
kay solo, Ghost Walk

Kay Solo
“Maaya almost couldn’t breathe. She had occasionally passed funerals when she dared to step foot outside town, and she had always marveled at the beautiful speeches people had come up with to honor their dead. But she had never felt so overcome, so overwhelmed by a moment as she did now, all from a unanimous honor given without saying a word. Every light was its own star, each sent skyward from someone with the name of a loved one on their lips or in their hearts. The sky glowed so bright that Maaya imagined this was not just a symbol for one world alone to celebrate; it was a message from one world to the next, where millions of flickering lights from every corner of this side of the earth all joined together in one powerful, silent voice to say: We have not forgotten you.
Kay Solo, Ghost Walk

Kay Solo
“It was unlike anything Maaya had ever expected, and yet still so much like what she always dismissed as stories. There was no way real life could ever match the pages in her books; that was what she used to think. It was all artistry, all made up by wordsmiths who took a dull concept and turned into poetry, the hopeless ones lost in the throes of young love who though every first kiss was a sign of forever. There was no way a simple touching of lips could mean that much.”
Kay Solo, Ghost Walk

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4.75% "I have so many feelings about this book already. There's a little bit of info dumping (I'm not bothered by it at all tbh) and it sort of makes me want a prequel so I can read Maaya & Saber pre-ghost hunters and I'd love to read how Maaya has trained the group before now.

But as for now, I just love ghost hunting and this world that they are living in acasfns"
February 27, 2018 –
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10.13% "This world is so immersive and I just love all of the characters so far. Rahu needs to be taken down a peg or two & Maaya would agree lol.

The build up to this big bad /something/ is GREAT and the fact that I'm as worried as Saber about the ghost hunters and their survival just shows how amazingly written this group is. I am worried about them and just want them to be happy and well fed in a big house."
February 28, 2018 –
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14.12% "i'm a little suspicious of roshan?? prove me wrong. i don't want maaya + ghost hunters betrayed by a friend. i sure hope i'm just being paranoid lmao.

also! reading this is probably the highlight of my day so a+"
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15.38% "I didn't manage to read a lot today, which is disappointing because this mystery is getting me intrigued and interested af"
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22.13% "oh man oh man oh MAN."
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22.25% "NOPE this isn't real ok. i'm SHOOK right now"
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24.0% "speechless? me? much more likely than you'd think."
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32.5% "all i want is maaya and saber to be happy and surrounded by people who accept maaya !"
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35.63% "one word: adelaide ♡♡♡♡♡♡ !"
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37.5% "Maaya might possibly be my favorite character ever written askjfa"
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42.63% "Saber being Maaya's wingwoman tho ♡"
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48.75% ""Because you're cute and I like you" -- MY HEART"
March 9, 2018 –
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62.63% "My clueless girls finally got it together!!!! Their slow progression really means the world to me, honestly. No insta-romance to be found in this book!!

(As a sidenote, really worried about Saber..)"
March 10, 2018 –
page 601
75.13% "The reasoning behind why this is happening is scary wild, wow!!! Black Mirror, who??? Frankenstein, who???"
March 10, 2018 –
page 619
77.38% "chapter 36 is called the price of victory.. i really don't like the sound of that. there's always a price..."
March 10, 2018 –
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77.63% "shookth"
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81.13% "starts crying again because i don't want this book to end lmao"
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94.38% "this book is so great omg. showing us how men like rahu are the Worst because of the way they use their speech to negatively influence and sway people's minds/opinions, horribly relatable."
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0.63% "I don't generally do rereads but I've been feeling like going back to this one since I finished it in march so! Only five pages in and I start tearing up too, this is gonna be fun (and emotionalllll)."
July 26, 2018 –
page 33
4.13% "Maaya crying is the worst okay and Rahu is the absolute worst for making her cry.

"I wanted to make a place where we were all safe and didn't have to steal food or live in danger anymore. It's been years and we haven't gotten anywhere, and now Rahu's sending them off to go do jobs by themselves. [...] I can't keep subjecting everyone to this life. There has to be something better, but I feel so helpless.""
July 26, 2018 –
page 34
4.25% "
"You're Ghost, everyone knows you're smooth and can always get the job done, but we've never had the chance to prove we can do the same. Impressing Rahu is a bit of it, but..."
"We were hoping to impress you," Kim finished.

Ghost Hunters, you guys are SO CUTE. Kay Solo, how dare you do this to my feelings...."
July 26, 2018 –
page 57
7.12% "
She imagined what life could be like when they were all free of Rahu. She would have a grand house for herself and Saber and all the others. Everyone would have their own room, their own bed. Rent would always be paid, food would always be on the table, and they would never have to worry about anything again.
Gosh, protect Maaya at all costs pls."
July 28, 2018 –
page 67
8.38% "
Kim had attached one of her elemental cards to her wrists, and as she twirled her arms about her in moves that would have otherwise seemed appropriate for a ballet, flames followed like ribbons of red and gold.
July 28, 2018 –
page 92
11.5% "end of chapter 9: "At the very least, she thought, she was thankful for not having to see Rahu again for a long time."
start of chapter 10: "The time Maaya enjoyed without Rahu's presence lasted from the moment she closed her eyes until the moment she opened them again.""
July 28, 2018 – Shelved as: young-adult
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page 144
18.0% "my heart is pounding and my eyes are tearing up because i know what coming up soon aksnflas. my poor heart!!!"
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18.5% "Catch me crying about how strong Maaya is ✌✌ Honestly, what a well developed main character!!!!!!"
July 28, 2018 –
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19.13% "
"Do you need something?" Saber asked finally, raising an amused eyebrow.
"Oh, I just, I wanted to say... thank you, for having for dinner. And for listening to me, and for being willing to do this with me. You're all wonderful people."

I forgot how sweet and good Svante is towards the Ghost Hunters!!!"
July 28, 2018 –
page 179
22.38% "

This hurts more than my current paper cut 😭"
July 28, 2018 – Shelved as: reread
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24.13% "Rahu is the most despicable character ever. Honestly, I haven't despised a character like him in ages."
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page 231
28.88% "Saber to Maaya: "I'd be a bad friend if I wasn't there for you when you made bad decisions."

Bestie goals <3"
July 30, 2018 –
page 249
31.13% "Maaya getting hope and gaining friends is what I love, this is some good shit right here.

Also I'm literally like:

Because Maaya is meeting Adelaide soon and I cannotwait!!!!!"
July 31, 2018 –
page 265
33.13% "Maaya meeting Adelaide for the first time:
July 31, 2018 –
page 299
37.38% "“You, my dear, are absolutely mad,” Saber said quietly, though she was grinning widely. “What?” “You just marched up to a pair of uniformed officers, waved your Blackfins pin in their faces, and demanded passage to Krethus, all while standing directly in front of a wanted poster with your face on it. That is probably the bravest, and also the stupidest, thing you have ever done.”

I absolutely ADORE Maaya ok #boss"
July 31, 2018 –
page 303
37.88% "
There, walking down the stairs from the captain's cabin, dressed in her long black coat with golden collar pins, her long red hair blowing freely behind her in the breeze... was Adelaide.

August 1, 2018 –
page 342
42.75% "every interaction btw Adelaide and Maaya:

Adelaide: *does something super nice for Maaya from the moment they met*
Maaya: why are you doing this for me?
Adelaide: because ur cute and i like u

Maaya is totally 100% a clueless gay when it comes to Adelaide and I love it so much :')"
August 1, 2018 –
page 347
43.38% "happy maaya is my favorite maaya.
saber teasing maaya is so sweet and cute. i love them.
and i adore adelaide sm."
August 5, 2018 –
page 391
48.88% "otp: because you're cute and i like you"
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56.13% "my otps for ghost walk: maaya x happiness, maaya x adelaide, maaya x surrounded by friends"
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67.63% "I'm taking longer than my first read because I don't want to finish and get out of this world?? ? I love these characters with all my heart 3"
August 29, 2018 –
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70.88% "I just want the world for Maaya.."
August 29, 2018 –
page 575
71.88% ""I feel like part of me is being slowly torn away." --- I truly want to cry ajkfdkanf"
August 29, 2018 –
page 615
76.88% "I know what's coming next and I'm not ready to deal with that loss again omg"
August 31, 2018 –
page 678
84.75% "this book makes me feel so much hope. i'm so happy for this reread"
August 31, 2018 –
page 742
92.75% ":)))))))))))))))))))"
August 31, 2018 –
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97.63% "i truly don't want to finish this akslnfalmf"
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Lex Kent Sounds like a must read! Great review:)

Scarllet ✦ Underrated Lit Warrior Lex wrote: "Sounds like a must read! Great review:)"

Thank you! It is! I've been recommending it to everyone :')

Rebekah F Somehow I missed that art you did when I first saw this review, I like it a lot!

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