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Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer
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May 27, 2008

it was amazing
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** spoiler alert ** Just like the others in the series - I LOVED THIS BOOK!

According to the book flap, this is the concluding book in the Twilight Series (although I see plenty of opportunity for the story to continue on should Meyers choose). The book is in 3 parts and is narrated first by Bella, 2nd by Jacob, and 3rd once again by Bella.

Bella and Edward get married (finally), go on their honeymoon (with Bella as a human), and Bella gets pregnant a minute later. Everyone thought that vampires couldn't have one knew that they could with a human! Bella, of course, insisted on having the baby despite the threat to her life. The baby grows faster than normal babies, has to have blood to survive, and is born within weeks (exploding from the uterus) instead of the usual 9 months. Edward changed Bella when the baby was born because she would die otherwise.

Jacob in the meanwhile is heartbroken over Bella and her choice of Edward. However, he continues to visit like he is a glutton for punishment. He even breaks with his pack when they decide they have to kill the baby because it is an abomination. He knows that they would kill Bella in the process. He inadvertently begins his own pack. When Bella is changed after the baby is born, Jacob knows that he has to leave. He can't bear to see her as a vampire. However, after he takes a good look at the baby, he imprints making him forever part of the Cullen family. Ultimately this forms a truce between him and the other pack and between all of the shape-shifter and the vampires.

Unfortunately, The Cullens can't just live happily ever after (at least not yet). A disgruntled vampire sees the new baby (which grows and develops at an unbelievable rate) and thinks it is a changed baby. (Highly illegal in the vampire world.) She reports the Cullens to the Volturi and they come to kill them all. Instead of waiting for certain death, the Cullens band together and pull all of their friends together to bear witness to the innocentness of the baby. The 3rd part of the book leads up to this confrontation as they plan to die to save the baby. This is the only part of the book that was anti-climatic as a final battle never happened and it seemed like so much hype for nothing. However, this part of the book also established Bella's power and the ultimate love that Bella and Edward have for each other.

It's just a great love story...and I am the ultimate fan of the Edward Cullen fan club!!!!!

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