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Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi
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Sometimes you have to stick with a series to the end for it to be worth it. Shatter Me is this series. Ignite Me was everything and more than what I wanted or expected. It was honestly such a shock, I can barely format the words I need to describe it. This series, and book, in particular, are the definition of character development. I’m aware I’ve said this in like every book for this series, but I just can’t not. It is so well done that I want to read everything this author has ever put in the world. I obviously had some problems but I really feel as if this book is deserving of the five stars I’ve given it. I mean, I’m so damn excited for the fourth book to come out in the next few days (possibly already out when this review goes live).

Ignite Me is where shit gets real for Juliette. It’s where the climax happens and she takes charge. I honestly can’t say much about the plot without spoiling the entire book, so I’m going to try and keep this brief. She faces problems with romance; obviously, due to Adam being the turd he was always destined. The action in this book is fast paced (which, I’ll get into later in this review). There’s a lot of moments that left me with my jaw dropped, unable to believe what was happening. I was blown away, honestly. This is the conclusion to end all other conclusions.

I really didn’t talk about the plot for Ignite Me at all. So, let’s just jump into a more descriptive list of my likes and dislikes of this book. If you’ve read this book, let me know your thoughts in the comments too! Did you enjoy this series?


Honestly, Keni is amazing. I’ve been meaning to talk about him in my other reviews but around my love for Warner and hate for Adam I kept forgetting #oops. However, I feel like he was really spotlighted in this book. He also had the best power in my opinion, the ability to go invisible is up there for me (I mean, Violet was my favourite in The Incredibles). He doesn’t hold back and is Juliette’s best friend. It is always enjoyable to see a platonic boy/girl friendship in fiction as well, especially where neither one is interested in the other romantically. I really hope we get more of his backstory in Restore Me because I am so interested. I’ve also been seeing theories that he will be queer and I am 100% into this possible storyline.


A lot of this series has been people coddling Juliette. She hasn’t been forced to make decisions or known a lot of the information. Everyone seems to tiptoe around her in order to make her feel safe and unafraid. Which is all nice, but man does it feel like a weak main character in some parts. Warner thankfully saves the day in Ignite Me and spits some truth. He says things I’ve been thinking since the first book and it felt so good to see it on paper (well, screen, I read on my kindle). I also loved hearing that my theory was right. I love it.


Not much to say on this, just how fucking gorgeous is this cover? Man, I finished this book and just stared at the cover for like twenty minutes it was so beautiful. What are some of your favourite covers?


Juliette reached the level of one of my ultimate favourite female characters to exist. I’m as shocked as you are. Considering it took me three reads of the first book to even get here I wasn’t expecting this at all. However, I am pleasantly surprised and not mad at all. Juliette hits all new levels in Ignite Me. She really comes into herself. She really makes decisions for herself and she really becomes the hero so many young adults need. Someone combating PTSD, anxiety and depression has the ability to be a hero and I feel like that’s important. She is honestly such a powerful young adult this series and I will not tolerate any slander against her.


I don’t think this is a topic I have to say much on either. I feel as if this is an obvious one that would have a wink wink, nudge nudge attached to it. These two have hit my ultimate OTP lists and I am absolutely in love with the pair of them together. The chemistry and the love written on the page is so clear. No matter how creepy I still think some elements are, I can definitely swoon over this OTP.


This could also be viewed as lack of development. Warner both changes as a character and doesn’t. The changes happen through him revealing information about himself – which makes me think this story is very character driven, something I am not usually interested in – not him actively changing himself. He shares pieces of himself with Juliette and changes how we look at him, not actually changing how he thinks. Which, I think is a really interesting tactic that I appreciate the author using. It’s not one I see a lot in books.


This is kind of irrelevant but I love the fantasy element of powers being added, making it urban fantasy. It reminds me of The Darkest Minds which I love. Though in a similar way it kind of feels as if everyone in this book has powers as well. Would have been interesting if someone didn’t have powers.


This particular point is super important to me as someone who has a mental health issues. I’m really talking about this as what happens over the course of all the books too. There are so many issues represented throughout the text and it really does shock me. I feel as if the main three are what I presume Juliette suffers with – PTSD, anxiety and depression (as I mentioned before). I feel like seeing these in the text and with Juliette’s growth I really feel empowered. I have all three of these particular mental health diagnoses and I feel they were represented beautifully throughout the entirety of Shatter Me. The ascension from a quiet girl into someone who cannot be silenced is a journey I have taken myself and it’s not an easy one, which I feel like is well represented in this series.


I straight up can’t wait. Someone get this book in my hands now. I wish I had timed this more perfectly with the release, but I guess I just get more excited in the waiting period.


Honestly, no redemption arc for Adam, please. It is all I want in the world. Truly. I hate him so damn much and to see him suffer would be great. I love James, but Adam can be a turd elsewhere. I feel as if Ignite Me really solidified this as well. He just really switched and become one of those ‘nice guys’ who lose it when they’re rejected. It was just lowkey uncomfortable and had me thinking he was basically waving warning flags all over the place. Boo hoo, you didn’t get the girl. There’s a war going on you, dickhead, protect your brother and stop acting like someone ate the last tasteless blob in existence.


Within a few pages and chapters, all the action is over. I was left feeling like ‘what?’ It felt like there was so much build up and there should have been more. I understand it was to show how powerful Juliette had become but I really just wanted more from the final scenes but nope. It’s all over so fast and it is so damn easy. I really feel like there should have been more suspense.


I think the weird heading things I use says it all. There was a total of five females who had dialogue in this book – including Juliette. How ridiculous is that? There was like five men in the first chapter alone. I would love to see Juliette get a female best friend in Restore Me.

Overall, this series sincerely deserves the hype it has received. I’m so glad I finally forced myself to push through because I am so thankfully shocked and happy to have been apart of this ride. The Shatter Me series is a heartbreaking series in which no one actually really dies. It is a complicated world in which grows over each book and has such a powerful message in the end. I never thought I’d say this but I recommend it.
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Elena i never thought you'd finish this

ambsreads honestly neither did i maggie i’m as shocked as you are

Callie (BeverageandBook) I just read this and absolutely loved it. 🙌🏻

Ayesha A wowow i loved seeing your reviews progress because when i read them for shatter me (right after i had finished ignite me) i wanted to comment (and might have, i dont remember) to keep going, and now that you did i feel content. also the best subheading ever tbfh: "NOT ENOUGH GIRLS ARE THEY ALL DEAD"

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