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High Treason by Samuel Oakes
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I am so excited to share an interesting twist to your suspense fiction as well as your typical Amish storyline combined into one exciting novel, High Treason by Samuel Oakes.

This is NOT your typical Amish fiction story where everything is perfect and leaves you with a general feel good stories that paint the Amish people in a good light. This one shows such conflict, it often leaves the reader with their mouth hanging wide open when you realize what your getting. Let me first share the premise of the novel to give you a birds-eye view of just what you're getting yourself into.

The future is here for a bankrupt nation gripped in the throes of the plague, and the corrupt government is in charge of the vaccine. Young Amishman Enos Yoder faces the greatest crisis of his life when his father refuses to accept the compromises the Bishop has made, and his mother lies on her deathbed. Will the family survive, or will they all be consumed by his father's stubbornness?

Regina Owens, the liberal minister in town, is having her normal world rocked to the core by what is happening. She watches a woman fleeing the helping hand of the government, and wonders why a man would lift his own hand against what is most precious in life. And who is blowing up the government buildings?

Trouble seems to never stop, as it ever moves closer. Will Enos recover from the brutal shock when his girlfriend is taken from him? Will his faith, backed by five hundred years of teaching against violence, survive the hate rising in his heart?

This is a story of love, of bitterness, and of treason, rising up in the heart of a man and in the highest corridors of government. So as you can see this book has a little bit of everything geared to virtually every genre that readers LOVE! Now you can see where my excitement level stems from. This is such a unique style of book because at it's core is a virus that is killing people faster than they can manufacture a vaccine to fight it, leaving people exposed with nothing to fight it. Once you agree to accept receiving the vaccine, then you are pledging yourself to become part of the war effort and in a sense volunteering your services to be immunized. The only downside is if you pass on receiving it and come down with the plague, the hospitals are authorized by the government to refuse to treat you, leaving you with the option of dying a horribly, painful death in a matter of hours.

Now you can see where the triangle of story lines intersects with an Amish family refusing help from the English even though their Bishop has authorized that individual families can choose whatever course they deem beneficial to help fight against the plague, but Enos' father refuses to allow anyone in his household to receive it. Meanwhile Regina Owens, is struggling with finding a way to help people within the ministry while people are dying literally by the second, making desperate attempts to seek medical assistance even if it means breaking the law. All this while the government attempts to keep the lid on the media and being exposed for what is really going on and just who is ultimately responsible.

I received this book compliments of Samuel Oakes for my honest review and LOVED it! Once I started, I could not put it down. It's a thrill-ride a minute in trying to figure things out and wonder just what will happen next. It will leave you completely breathless and wanting more. Samuel Oakes has an amazing talent to hook his readers and keep them entertained and engaged til the very end. Hands down 5 out of 5 stars!!

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