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Never Have I Ever by Sara Shepard
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Nov 02, 2011

it was amazing

Sara Shepard is known for her Pretty Little Liars books, and which are also a very popular TV show now. So there are probably alot out there who are familiar with her. Now this book, is the 2nd book of “The Lying Game” series. You can see a picture of both of them below.

This story is a mystery, and i LOVE reading stories with a mystery plot. They excite me VERY VERY much, and when there is a mystery unsolved, i have to keep reading on until i figure out the answer. This book was beautifully written, because everything was smooth and clear for me. The characters all had a chance to be concentrated on, and it was very interesting how every character had that “dirty little secret” that has not been exposed yet.

Now my favorite character in this book is the main character “Emma”. How she impostors her sister “Sutton” is very fascinating to me because in my opinion, i think it needs so much COURAGE and WILLPOWER to do what Emma is doing, and thats the kind of character she is. Emma is very strong, and i would never be able to do the thing she has done if i was in her place. Therefore i really like Emma. I actually like all the characters here, especially Mads and Char, because i feel they have a very strong relationship with Emma, or should i say Sutton?

PLUS there is a new abc family TV show called “They Lying Game” based on these books. BUT the story is totally different. I realllyy liked Ethan in the books, but i was disappointed when i saw his face in the TV show, because what i imagined him to be was ENTIRELY different than how he looks in the TV show.

ANYWAYS, if you didnt read this book, put whatever you have with you aside and start reading! You will NOT regret it, and youll be caught up with it from the first chapter!

Happy Reading!

- Farah
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