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Take One And See Mt. Fujiyama, And Other Stories by Duane Michals
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really liked it

** spoiler alert ** More humorous photo-narratives somewhat in the spirit of the afore-mentioned Robert Cumming & Paula Gillen. Pithy, funny, clever. The title story has him laying down & reading, wearing only his underpants, a note is slipped under his door w/ a pill, he takes the pill & shrinks, a naked woman enters the room & sits on him. "Miraculously, in the darkness, he began to see the snow covered peak of Mt Fujiyama." wch turns out to be his erection in the underwear. Ok, so that's a spoiler, but it wd be much funnier in its photo-narrative form & there're other similar stories.

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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

About the "wind" player...what do YOU play?

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

I am speaking of this Anthony Braxton fellow and the deal at the Aviary... :)

Tentatively, Convenience Well.. for this particular event, I'll be playing mainly sampler. Specifically, I'm creating a set of samples of 60 birds common in the Northeastern United States (taken from a record & highly edited). The birds will be in one-half of a stereo sound & my (crude) imitations of them will be in the other channel. Originally, I wanted to trigger these samples by vocalizing into a radio mic & having the signal from that go to a device called a Pitch-to-MIDI Converter wch wd then drive the samples. Alas, my Pitch-to-MIDI broke & I've been unable to replace it so I'll probably have to resort to the more banal (& less performative) keyboard controller. Otherwise, I might whistle & vocalize & play small instruments such as siren whistle, crow-call, etc..

This event's going to happen in the National Aviary's Marsh Room. The birds there aren't native to the Pittsburgh region. B/c they're inside, they might not be able to hear the birds outside very well. My basic idea is to sortof function like a "poetic license" version of a Mockingbird or Lyrebird - ie: to be a 'gossip' or 'town-crier', a player that gives the birds inside the Marsh Room an idea of what's happening outside their confined environment. Of course, I'll be a sortof 'megabird' or 'metabird' in the sense that I'll be mutating it all to my preferences. Eg: I'll mix back & forth between the actual bird recordings & my bad imitations - sometimes playing both simultaneously. There's more to it than that but that gives you a rough idea.

Are you another person sitting inside on Memorial Day when other people are out partying & barbecueing? I've had a disappointingly asocial day so far.

message 4: by Eddie (new)

Eddie Watkins Sounds very interesting. Congrats on performing with Braxton, it should be fun, but I hope you two don't freak the birds out.

Tentatively, Convenience Yeah, the "freaking the birds out" thing has been on my mind. It won't just be me & Braxton - there'll be at least 4 other people: Michael Pestel (flute, etc), Tracey Mortimore (upright bass), Ben Opie (reeds), Eden McNutt (sound poetry). Michael has organized many concerts in the Marsh Room at the Aviary & he & I did a session there w/ a crew of other people (under the name of the Volunteers Collective) way back in 1998. In none of these instances did the birds seem "freaked out".

Nonetheless, for this event I've been planning to be even more 'over-the-top' than usual. As such, I'm planning to wear a suit I made that's completely covered w/ dyed turkey feathers. There's a set of motorized wings that goes w/ it (originally made for a 'performance' of mine called "Generic As-Beenism" back in 1987) but for various reasons I've decided to not use those. I hesitated to wear the feather outfit b/c, obviously, it's made from a plethora of slaughtered turkeys (I got the feathers from feather dusters) but I don't think the birds will react the same way we wd to birds wearing clothes made out of human skin (to use a deliberately absurd image).

Anyway, I've been listening carefully to both the birds outside & to recordings of birds. I've been mimicing the recordings - wch I find very difficult to do. The gist of my thoughts as a result of this is that there shd usually be pauses longer than what's sounded. I can use those pauses to perform technical operations to vary my sounds. If we "freak the birds out" they're most likely to be silent - wch wd be unfortunate. I reckon all the players will be subdued. V shall C.

message 6: by Eddie (new)

Eddie Watkins Since you're not using those turkey wings... could I borrow them. They'd really enhance my office "culture" here at work.

I'd like to hear Braxton's reaction to your outfit. I know he has a great sense of humor.

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