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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling
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May 26, 2008

it was amazing

My favorite HP book... If I hadn't caught the last half of the movie version I'd never have caught Harry fever. If you read the first book wondering what all the fuss was about and then found it lacking, and read the second book hoping it was better and got the laughfest of the Chamber of Secrets (and I have to say, I read HP Book 2 whenever I feel the need for a solid giggle, just because the language Rowling uses is so peculiarly and ticklingly funny and so very BRITISH--and everyone knows British comedy is the best!), or you want to know why 100 Million Harry Potter fans can't be wrong, well. Just skip the first two books and come back later. Book 3 is full of the twists, turns, mysteries, revelations, and munchings and crunchings that make Potter-lovers out of people. Although to hear my hubby tell it, that sentence is for Book 4. (but he likes long, convoluted, ridiculously difficult stories like The Third Policeman, so unless you are that same kind of person, read Book 3 first.)
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Alethea A Yeah, I know, but somehow the third movie dragged me in to read the book which was much, much better than the first two to me, and made me want to read all the others. My husband and I both loved 4, 5, and 6 tremendously and have spent many a rainy afternoon talking those over. 7 was ok. I just wanted to have a party (I'd never been to a release-night one) and have it be over so I could move on to reminiscing instead of waiting on tenterhooks for the end. (If you infer by this that I have no social life, it's true.)

I'm just saying, If I had known better and just read #3 first I would have been an HP fanatic from the beginning. And well, the movies are always going to be worse than books to me. I mean, in the first film, the snake was for some reason Burmese instead of Brazilian. For why? No clue. Nutty directors? Shoddy production? Sleepy writers? I don't know. If my husband had his way, Movie 4 would have been a 26-hour TV series by Bruno Heller. (Hubby's a slow, digestive reader--I think 26 hours is actually how much time it took him to read Goblet. I'm just pleasantly surprised he made it through the series. He is now trudging happily through The Time Traveler's Wife. It's been 4 months since I gave him the book.)

My last word on the films: it is a blessing and a curse that the male stars had to be so sinfully good-looking that prim, proper, ex-teenaged women like me end up feeling like a total lech by Movie 5. *sigh*. I know, I'm going to hell.

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