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Impossible by Nancy Werlin
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Nov 01, 2011

it was amazing
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“There is nothing in this world that I want or need, but you.”

Lucinda "Lucy" Scarborough has just learned a terrible secret about her family--that every female has a daughter at 18 and goes crazy immediately after the child is born. Lucy, her foster parents (Soledad and Leo), and her childhood friend, Zach, band together to try to defeat this curse.

The Debut of the Starrlight Meteor Reviews (Guaranteed to be 21 words and not just "ZOMG, this sucks" or "ZOMG, this is awesome):

Oh. My. God! I love everything about this book. Buy a copy for you, your significant other, your coworker, your mailman!

The Real Review:

I just finished Breaking Dawn. I say this to give you an idea of how I was after finishing this--depressed, disappointed, and disgusted. Did all romances have to be creepy? Did all stories have to be flung together at the last minute out of some half-baked fanfiction idea?

I was actually going to start reading Finnikin of the Rock after reading Breaking Dawn, but my bookstore didn't have a copy available. So while I waited for my copy to come in, I thought I'd just read a little bit in this book before switching over.

Well, this book was just plain amazing. Even after I got Finnikin of the Rock, I couldn't break myself away from Impossible to start reading it. As for the last 60 pages? Well, I didn't move until I had gulped the entire book down.

What has made me go insane and adore a book so much? I'm so glad you asked...

Protagonist: It's not required to have a likeable protagonist. One of the greatest examples I have is Gone with the Wind. Scarlett is a despicable character; I wish I could smack her across the face. That said, I absolutely adore the book. It's probably my favorite historical fiction books and would definitely be on my Top 20 list.

But generally, a likeable protagonist does make the story go down better. And this book is full of them. Written in third person omniscient (and OMG, it is probably the best example I've seen of third person omniscient in recent years), we get to see through the eyes of Lucinda and Zach (also Soledad and Padraig, but those I'm putting under secondary characters). Lucy was absolutely amazing, everything I was hoping for in a female protagonist. She was strong, independent, and competent. She had hobbies, she loved her parents, she had friends that she bothered to include in her life, she actually bothers to consider what she is sacrificing by marrying young, she is actually selfless, and she didn't spend 75% of the novel doing any of the following: whining, complaining, moping, letting someone push her around, and surrendering her free will to her boyfriend.

Zach Greenfield. God, where is my Zach Greenfield? Seriously, this is the kind of guy I want to fall in love with (only, please no obsession with Red Sox...I can barely keep my basketball from my football). He doesn't boss Lucy around, he trusts her, he lets her have her own space and her own friends, he sacrifices his wants and needs to look out for her and her baby--I'm going to start writing his name all over my notebooks during meetings.

Secondary Characters: Sure, you could have a good protagonist, but if your secondary characters are unbelievable, then the book is going to be a hard sell. Impossible isn't that book. Soledad and Leo are loving parents, who actually get included into Lucy's family curse (crazy, I know! Goes to show you, you can write a young adult novel without mysteriously absent parents). Both of them have their own hobbies and really do love and support Lucy. Lucy has a great friend in Sarah. She confides in her and even asks her some personal questions. Padraig is wonderfully evil. As I was reading about him, I kept thinking that Jerry B. Jenkins of Left Behind fame really needed to take some lessons in creating his Anti-Christ, Nicolae (if you've read LB, you know what I mean; if you haven't, take my word: don't!) I loved how he manipulated people(view spoiler).

Story: This is the big one; if you don't have a story, you really can't have a book, can you? But here, the story is engaging, interesting, gripping. Lucy learns about her history slowly, and then gradually, time runs out. No Monster Mutant Babies here (and, you know, I almost could have bought one here). Even the passage of time is logical for more than to have the final showdown at a particularly nail-biting event. I hate stories that can get things done in a week.

Romance: Yes, I am really putting romance here, because this romance was well done! Zach and Lucy work great together: partly because of their personalities and partly because they were friends before they fell in love. So: No insta-love (yay!) and no Romantic Triangles (WOOOHOOO!). They have a few intimate scenes together, but it is nothing graphic. And yet, somehow it is SO steamy!

Writing: I like good writing. I'm not talking about fancy, schmancy, elaborately written, snobby literature piece; I like a book that is written well. No weird words that feel torn from a thesaurus, no repetitive writing, no glaring spelling and grammar errors. Werlin does better than this and writes a story that most definitely feels like a modern day faerie tale (in fact, the conclusion does feel a bit like the end duel between Gaston and the Beast in Disney's "Beauty and the Beast"). It was enjoyable to read, funny in the right spots, serious in others, and exciting at the very end.

I had so much fun reading this book, and I want to share that experience with you. If you love fantasy, faerie tales and romance, pull out your ebook reader, head to your library, or drive down to your bookstore and pick this book up. Just make sure to set aside some uninterrupted time to finish this.
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Nancy Werlin
“But just now, he'd gotten on his knees and proposed marriage, like in a television commercial for a diamond ring. Except of course they had the roll of duct tape instead, which, when you came to think about it, was a far more practical item. Such a bad mistake it would be, to embark on marriage and adult life without a nice supply of duct tape.”
Nancy Werlin, Impossible

Nancy Werlin
“There is nothing in this world that I want or need, but you.”
Nancy Werlin, Impossible

Nancy Werlin
“Such a bad mistake it would be, to embark on marriage and adult life without a nice supply of duct tape.”
Nancy Werlin, Impossible

Nancy Werlin
“Was true love when you wanted to slap someone and kiss him madly at the same time?”
Nancy Werlin, Impossible

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10.9% "Reading this until I get my hands on "Finnikin of the Rock"--already, the tension of Breaking Dawn is falling off my back."
November 4, 2011 –
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18.35% "Guys that aren't creepy stalkers that dominate their girlfriends (or the ones that do are clearly not admirable)...a prom that doesn't make me vomit...a girl who has interests and likes beyond a boy... *GASP SHOCK HORROR*"
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40.16% "This is probably the best written third person omniscient narrator I've ever read."
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48.67% "Our heroine goes to her parents for help...this book is such a breath of fresh air..."
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55.85% "The family is working as a team--goes to show you you don't need to keep the 'rents in the dark."
November 6, 2011 –
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63.3% "Awww...somehow, Zach and Lucy getting engaged is way less creepy than Bella/Edward."
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80.32% "Gotta finish this tonight...I am dying to find out how it ends."
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Spider the Doof Warrior Yes, this book was very good. I didn't even notice how disturbing Scarborough Fair is because the vocals and music are so pretty.

Crystal Starr Light Synesthesia wrote: "Yes, this book was very good. I didn't even notice how disturbing Scarborough Fair is because the vocals and music are so pretty."

Neither did I; the song is very beautiful and haunting. This book really gave me a better appreciation for both the song AND the lyrics.

Spider the Doof Warrior Yeah. That guy or girl singing it isn't very nice. He's like, ha, you can't do any of these things so you can't be my true love. I do like that this book centers around an old song.

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