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The Seduction of Phaeton Black by Jillian Stone
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I wanted to love this, I really really truly honestly did.

Unfortunately I only sort of like this.

Where to begin?

Well, the unlikely meeting of the two characters was hot. In fact, any sort of physical interaction these two had was hot. Steamy and scorching.

Phaeton was an amped up Sherlock meets Captain Jack Harkness meets Captain Jack Sparrow, smart, sexy and witty - what can't you like about him? Well, the fact that all of this becomes boring around page 200 is one. Despite having all of these characteristics there is nothing else to prop them up. He's quite an interesting 2d character.

America, well she's another hottie with an awesome name and at first, with sweet knife skills. Then the book continues and America loses some of her oomph and merely serves as the sexual love slave of Phaeton. Which would be cool if she teased him a little bit more and made him work for it instead of dropping trou everytime he said lift up your skirts.

Despite that, these two are pretty funny together and several times my mouth quirked.

Plotwise...well it becomes a little different because there are two plots but they don't run together all that cohesively until about thirty pages before the end of the book. Phaeton's plot was a little more convoluted and hard to follow than America's (which was simple and could have been pretty damn interesting on its own) and culminates into something even weirder. In fact, I'm not even sure what America is doing in most of these situations.

So, without going into too much detail, how would I rate the book?

Well, confusing and somewhat boring plots that don't bring out the potential in the characters. Characters that would be awesome against any other backdrop and some pretty sexy scenes.

That rates about a three.

There are some really great scenes but if you want some depth to your porn, you won't find it here. However, if you just want a dollop of smut without coherence - you've found your place.
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10.76% "Urm...squirms in seat...well...hmmmm...*fans self AND clutches pearls*"
March 30, 2012 –
page 38
10.76% "A wicked wicked paranormal Sherlock. With a huge penis."
March 30, 2012 –
page 74
20.96% "Maybe because I'm reading this as an ebook, but it's a bit confusing and meandering; only brought together by the scenes in which Jones and Black meet and yet there has been little character development to make these racy scenes seem anything more than racy."
April 2, 2012 –
page 231
65.44% "It's a strangely written book and still confusing. As if bits and pieces are cut out and then slapdashed on later. However, it's America and Phaeton that I'm really reading about and they are hot."
April 2, 2012 –
page 279
79.04% "What the hell is going on in this story!?"
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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

What happened to giant Shercock? Not elementary enough?

CJ - It's only a Paper Moon There's only so much that I can do with cock.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

I hear ya. Are you reading Kate next? I'm so excited there's still people left in my group of friends that haven't tried her.

CJ - It's only a Paper Moon I'm finishing off an Alyssa Johnson - Unlikely Gentlemen - and then I was going to give the Dawson book a try.

I'm going to try Kate a little later in the month, that way if I love her then I can buy the rest of the books and gobble them up.

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

That is an excellent plan, Watson. And also, new one out soonish so if you fall in love you don't have to wait eight years like the rest of us losers.

Yay! Can't wait to see how you go. Remembering series gets better as it goes on.

message 6: by Dija (new)

Dija Amazing, honest review, CJ. I was actually very eager about starting this because it seemed so interesting, but I'm more reluctant now because characters and their development are the most important things for me, when it comes to books, and I don't think this one will deliver in that respect. :/

CJ - It's only a Paper Moon It really won't. Again, these characters were good but they could've been great, especially America. The plot of the book was very slapdash and there are scenes in which I felt like the editor took out something very important.

The writing was pretty decent and I would read something else by her in the future.

This would be much better served as a ScyFy Original television series.

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