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Mine to Possess by Nalini Singh
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Oct 31, 2011

it was amazing
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Clay and Tally are childhood friends, and due to a traumatic experience they faced when they were kids, Tally ended up leaving Clay with terrible news that she was dead.

In Psy-changeling Series, every novel is different from one another and yet they came up identical or equal to each other. I realized that Clay and Tally’s relationship is the best I've ever read. Friends turned lovers isn't new, most of the time a cliche plot like that ended up cheap. But Singh created Clay and Tally and they nailed the best Friends-turned-Lovers-plot-of-the year. A friendship that blooms since they were kids gave a deeper, abiding friendship that even face with awful obstacles, sometimes agonizing and traumatic; the bond that they formed cannot be left unnoticed and easily forgotten. Although I find Tally’s characteristic a little off and sometimes irritating and I almost ended up hating her till the end (almost) but I can’t repudiate the fact that clay and tally are perfect for each other. Fine, the emotional that Singh deliver was too deep it affect and captivates me.

Clay never hides that appreciation and emotions he feels towards Tally albeit all the past and horrendous acts she had done with herself and her body, Clay realizes that whatever it is, from the very start, Tally was his. And when Tally cannot anymore deny the raw need she feels when Clay touches her, they made love to each other and the bond they have become deeper especially with the addition of the mating bond. I find the ending kinda impossible but yet possible. Sure, I know that Singh will never let Tally dies, but seriously? That’s it? I don’t know, but I find it lame. But the good news is, no matter my reaction on that part, it outweighs the emotional attachment that Mine Possess have on me.

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