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Lord of the Flies by William Golding
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Oct 31, 2011

did not like it
bookshelves: read-for-school, 2-star

Hae no O

Ugh.. I can not state how much this book disappointed me. I was expecting so much more from it. It’s turned out to be one of those books that has an interesting premise, but turns to mush as you move along.

The two death scenes were bland and clichéd. The end was bland and clichéd. The entire book was bland, maybe not so much clichéd.

The thing I hated the most was the boys’ so-called turn to “savagery.” So, the main character, Ralph, finds a conch, which the boys then use as a symbol of authority in the group. The “savagery” involves fights including this type of annoying dialogue. (Not an exact quote):
Ralph: “And then I..”
Jack: “Died.”
Ralph (to Jack): “I’VE GOT THE CONCH!!”
Jack: “Sucks to the conch.”

I mean, eventually, they got a little more savage, but not too much. They went on a hunting party and killed a pig and impaled its head on a stick, but that’s just plain insane, not really savage. (view spoiler)

Close enough

To make the story worse, my LA teacher kept saying all this “symbolism,” or something, like Simon represented Jesus, and the pig on the stick represented the devil or something. Then when (view spoiler) corpse gets washed to sea, she says it resembles purity. This just continued to confuse me more than the extremely overabundant description already did.

And by “overabundant,” I mean OVERabundant. More than half the book was made up of unnecessary detail, and probably less than 25% of that remaining book was made up of events that were actually relevant to the plot.

Well, what can I say? I lifted my hopes in search of something I would enjoy, and William Golding crushed that under his hand. I’ve got to admit, there were scenes that I was really hoping would lead up to something exciting, like a gory death or cannibalism or something. (Okay, fine, the cannibalism is a little far-fetched, but when the death scenes came, Mr. Golding didn’t use any of that description he had used for the irrelevant stuff)

If I learned anything from this book at all, it would be where the inspiration from that one SpongeBob episode came from, with their magic conch and such.

Herp derp, Magic Conch.

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Arte I'm crying????

Why was I in honors English last year omg
I'm cracking myself up but I was clearly not mature enough at that time to read this?

what is this i'm crying

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