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Class is Not Dismissed! by Gitty Daneshvari
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Oct 31, 2011

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October 31st 2011 Response:
So far in this book, I've met just a-few characters, but I can tell that this will be an amazing and exciting book with all of those fears of the kids! I'm predicting that when the new student comes into the camp program, all of the other 4 students will be really nice to her and will eventually start being scared of their fears again with a new-be in the camp while this is their 2nd year. If that happens, I wonder how It'll turn it will turn out.

November 8th 2011 Response:
I can't believe that Mrs.Wellington (the person in charge of School Of Fear) didn't know the rules of the highway, and got everyone in jail! I wonder if the parents will find out and how they'll react to the news!
I think that the reason why Hyacinth claims to speak ferret language, is because she can't be left alone and maybe she thinks that her classmates will always want to stay with a girl who would be left in ferret world all by herself.
This book is really interesting and cool, because in each chapter, I learn something new about each character-either thier personality, their smarts, their hobbies, thier looks, or something else relevant to characters.

November 22nd 2011 Response:
Since I had to take a break from this book, I had to review what I already read, so here is my response.
I can't believe that the Knapps were the thefts and that they want Macaroni (Mrs. Wellington's dog), and think that he's being not being treated properly.
I think that they should have kindly told Mrs. Wellington that her dog isn't properly treated, and that they could adopt Macaroni and give him better care.
I also can't believe that Hyacinth got lost from her group! (When they went to the pagaent to see if the thefts were there, they split up into groups.) What if her parents found out or she never got found? Wouldn't the camp be sued? I think that the kids should have split up differently-some with Mrs. Wellington, some with Schmidty- that way all of the kids would have an adult in charge, and most likely none of them would get lost.

November 29th 2011 Response:
This book is getting a little boring now, but I'm still going to read it because I'm really curious to know more about Abernathy(a man who used to go to School of Fear and is Mrs. Welligton's step-son.)
I wonder if the school will have to be shut down since Hyacinth told a lady about it and she'll be doing a big news report on the school. If they have to close it down, I wonder if Mrs. Wellington will open up a new school with a different name in a different location and ban Hyacinth from there.Maybe she'll take the case into court and make Hyacinth promise not to tell anyone about the school and the court issue/matter. If that does happen, then this book will be a lot more interesting than how it is now!
(This book actually has 310 pages, not 256 pages, so I'm not done with the book yet.)

December 3rd 2011 End Of The Book Response:
This book was actually a good book (before and after the boring parts of it) and I think that at the very end of it, it was very, very sweet! I also wonder if Abernathy will get over his fear of step mothers in the 3rd and final book, and I want to know if he was in the 1st book. If he was in the 1st book, then I think that he proabably ran away from Mrs Wellington if she tried to speak to him.
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