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The Lady and the Lionheart by Joanne Bischof
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it was amazing
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Really good book.
So it reminded me of a combination of Left To Die by Ivy Rose and Midnight Justice, however the characters themselves were all their own and they sold the whole story. Everything. It was all just too much.

Ella is such a sweet person. She's tender and caring, and so strong, and even from her past, she's still continued to push forward in life.

Charlie is just. Wow. Like I can't even summarize him in a way that will do him justice. You just have to read the book. He's bold and strong, and broken inside, but he's a lion tamer. He's Charlie. He's just Charlie, which is the only thing that can describe him.

Holland was the sweetest baby ever. Wow. She appeared everywhere, and her little baby antics were so heart touching. And when she started crawling and giving Charlie a hard time and Ella stepped in, and of course her little munchkin outfits that were just too cute.

Regina was so cool! I loved her mother figure place and guys in general the circus village was so cool to walk around in and get to know!!!! The descriptions-
Ok wait so the descriptions of this book are a whole other story. THEY're so good! Joanne has this intense skill at describing a place so vividly that you're there, but with so few words that... well, you're there! And not reading a book description. Three to four different words, picked perfectly, gave the vibe, the feel, the smells and everything just like wow! I want to be able to do that.

Back to the characters. Even the side characters, not major to the plotline or story, they felt THERE. They were real people. The list of names wasn't s list of names, not because she gave them all a backstory that has nothing important for the plotline, but because she gave them each personalities that shone through the small scenes they appeared in, and the next time the name was mentioned we knew exactly who was being talked about. THAT is a skill I wish more authors would use.

Ok my thoughts on the book.
So, it's a romance. Which I try to avoid romances, however since this was one by Joanne Bischof (who I know is an amazing clean writer) and so many of my friends adored it, I had to give it a wing. And I did. And I'm glad I did.
It is an adults book. At least for me. I didn't feel uncomfortable reading it, but I didn't feel maybe it fit in my categorization of YA. Again, that's not important to any of you, just my opinion. If I were to recommend it to someone, I would probably say 21 or older, bonus if you're married. Still, it's clean enough for a 15 year old probably, if romance is not something you avoid. There are a couple of kisses, of course Ella's past in which she'd been "forced" and etc etc. it's not detailed so not inappropriate. There are a couple other scenes that are possibly cringe if you don't read romances, but they just made me cringe because I'm not used to reading much of any. Cleanliness wise though, it's good. There is more then one instant where relationships out of wedlock, and even one night stands are mentioned and/or discussed, but not in a way so much as discussed as simply to be stating the truth, what was going on, or what had happened. So again, it didn't make me uncomfortable.
The romance between Ella and Charlie itself was very very sweet and rich and a perfect puzzle just waiting to fall into place. Although to me it did seem a lot of the attraction was physical, it was realistically so, and the personalities and qualities magnetized towards each other just as much as their eyes. It was clean and controlled, but definitely there.

What else. I think that's all... Oh wait one more thing.
I didn't adore the format of the ending. It was a sweet story so much, and I wished that end of spring and middle of summer time frame that got cut out would have BEEN THERE. I felt cheated to be dropped at the scene we were dropped at and then fast forwarded to end of summer time. I wanted to know Ella's emotions and what Charlie Had discussed with her father and what he had said. And I wanted to know Charlie's emotions when he rode off. Like seriously!!! But overall I think... yeah. I feel like I would have appreciated a better tie in of the story and then the end. But either way it was a good book. So good. And the epilogue. (HOLLAND?!?) was so cute to read. And it made me sad and happy and tear up and just too cute.

And one one more thing. There were a few questions, little ones, that never got answered, and there was also one or two flashback scenes that I couldn't entirely unpuzzle. I knew they were important and I had an idea of what they were supposed to mean but I didn't get it all. Maybe that was just me, most likely 😂.

A couple of kisses, definitely described but not inappropriately so. Mention of rape, child out of wedlock, suggestive woman and resistance of temptation.
(view spoiler)
There are different circus people, which means the acrobats didn't dress as most people expected in that era (onlookers would "blush" in embarrassment). Also, short people, big people, skilled people, lions, one man with no arms or legs (not because of the lions XD).
The scenes with Charlie as the sideshow (view spoiler) are debatably dark and tense.

Again, none of these things bothered me personally, and they were not obnoxious, however if you are extra sensitive to something like that, I suggest discretion.

That's all! Five stars, but recommended for girls probably 16 and up (just to be safe) IF you read romances on a regular basis. If not I recommend 20 and up.

Congrats on making it to the bottom! 😂😂😂
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