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Lover Unbound by J.R. Ward
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Oct 30, 2011

it was ok
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Read from November 09 to 14, 2011

So this one seemed a little forced...it took me longer to read, but not as long as the one.

This story was about Vischous and what a horrible tale he had, almost as heart-wrenching as Zsadist's.

The overall story of Vischous was kind of short, and not all of this book focused on him or Jane for that matter.

I mean this was the typical BDB scenario, where above all else the brotherhood comes first, but oh wait, not unless it has to do with their "female" or potential female of theirs.

Jane was hard edge trauma surgeon and I actually liked her. Not that I haven't liked the other women, but in comparison to Marissa she was kick ass. When V was the patient and she asked him while he was lying in the hospital bed if he wanted her to restrain him and then his eyes bugging out, I literally laughed out loud with that one!

The other little stories going on in the background had some actual growth to it. John FINALLY went through his transition and he lived, which we all knew would happen, just a matter of when. I was super curious to find out what's in Darius' diary though. I hope John can work through his mental/sexual problems though. He shouldn't beat himself up for being raped.

What I did like about this book, was that there were barely any lessers, except for near the ending. To be honest, I was truly getting sick of them. I can't stand the lessers and their side stories, but I understand their purpose to be the ultimate bad guy for the vampires and brotherhood.

There was a lot to read in this one, but it didn't seem like much happened. Yes, the Scribe Virgin made her ultimate sacrifice, and to find out that Vischous has a twin sister was interesting, but I mean, overall this book was pretty lengthy for a whole lot of nothing. And yes I made the connection and figured out a while ago that V and the Scribe Virgin were related. It wasn't really all that hard to jump to that conclusion. I don't know how she stood by for over 300 years watching her son suffer though. And how did Bloodletter die??

V's interest in sex was a little too bizarre and hardcore for me. I'm not into the whole Dom thing so that was weird. And to finally find out if he was gay or bi or whatever, was a relief. I understood the need for him to want to be around Butch, but I did not like the yearning he had for him. I liked the bromance but that's as far as it should have went. I don't know if I could've handled a love scene between them and I'm glad it never got that far.

To know that Butch felt the same way though at one point or maybe several that was never disclosed made me do a second guess though. Either way, I'm glad that Vischous has someone who can complete him in all his weird ways, but the fact that she's a ghost thing now kind of creeps me out. I knew she was human and they couldn't turn her, but this was the way Ward went with it? It seemed kind of forced. And that was a lot of birds to make just a ghost? At least make her immortal human or something, not something that the others can walk through...

Whatever. On to the next one. I love this series, but I didn't care too much to hear about V's sexual encounters especially when they were rough. I liked that there were some questions answered and I will keep going with this series, and this book was definitely better than the last one with Butch and Marissa's story, gosh she was awful to read through.

Bottomline: I will keep going, because now I want to see what will happen with Phury since he made another sacrifice for his brothers and also how Payne, V's twin sister, ties in to all of this. I kind of miss Wrath and Beth to be honest. I hope we go back to them and I truly want to know what the hell happened to Tohrment! And does John make the connection that he really is Darius? And why is Darius' name not like the others? Dare is not really a sin or evil, like Phury or Wrath or Rhage or Zsadist or Vischous or Dehstroyer? I don't know I guess we'll find out more in the next installment. I do want to go out and buy the whole series though. They are a good read. As stand alones, not so much.

Also, I did NOT like the character Cormia. Yes she has a strong will but her being this little helpless woman annoys the crap out of me. Maybe she'll get better as the series goes on.

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Jaclyn What a good review! So many things I want to say about it, but I'm afraid I'll spoil the next books for you. First of all, I totally agree with everything you said about V, especially the extreme sex scenes, they were a bit much in my opinion as well. I also agree that Jane was a nice relief after reading about the weak Marissa. Unfortunately we're back to weak characters in Phury's book. If Cormia bothered you in this book, just wait until her story with Phury – their story made me crazy. And like you, I was pleased to see the Lessers take a back seat in this book. I really didn’t like the Lessers side stories either, they just seem like a pointless interruption. Payne does make more of an appearance as they stories wear on, and I like her. You see a little of her throughout the next books, but she eventually gets her own book – I think it’s #9. Also we do eventually see Thor again, but that’s all I’m going to say about that. Isn’t it funny how you can find yourself really disliking/hating these books, but yet wanting to keep reading to see what happens? They’re oddly addicting. It’s so strange how Ward can write characters that we love and want to know better, but yet their stories are not actually that good when they finally get their own book. I could never quite figure out what it was about these books that kept me going b/c all of my reviews were bad – as I’m noticing are yours – but yet I couldn’t wait to start the next book. I do have to warn you that Phury’s story might be one of the worst of them all, but they get better after that. Book’s 7 & 8 are actually really good. #7 might be my favorite.

Michelle♥ Oh thank the Scribe Virgin! lol i just read Phury's and I want to stop, but keep going at the same time. does that make sense? i need to know what happens, but I'm afraid it's going to ruin these characters for me and this story that i see happening. good to know that they pick up though! i will keep reading! i'm so glad we feel the same way about these books!!! :)

Jaclyn You have me laughing out loud with your "Thank the Scribe Virgin!" Yes, hang in there, the next 2 are MUCH better.

Michelle♥ I'm reading Lover Avenged and I just can't get into it. I keep putting it down. I think I might need a break from this series. That's all I've been reading lately....I really want to enjoy them and not just read them to read them. I want to savor them, but the last couple or few I should say, have been mediocre. And this one, so far, is just "meh." I'm hoping it gets better...

Jaclyn Maybe you do need a break. I don't think I ever read any of them back to back like you have been. They rot your brain just a little too much not to mix other books in. :-) Lover Avenged was my favorite of the series, so hopefully it'll turn around for you! Looking forward to your review...

Michelle♥ Oh no. I hope I don't disappoint you. I really didn't like Lover Avenged. I truly thought it was going to be about Tohr since he needs to Avhenge his lover, but then it turned into Rehvenge and Ehlena, who I thought was a strong woman, but their whole love story wasn't enough for me. I went in thinking it was going to be about Tohr, and came out disappointed. I didn't mention that in my review though...only because I think that I wanted to rate the book based on what it was and not what I expected it to be. Still..it wasn't enough where I needed to read it right now and not put it down. Oh well...I need a break like you said. :)

Jaclyn You're so funny. I just read your review, and if you expected the book to be about Thor, then I can totally see why you didn't like it. Actually a lot more people felt the way you did, than the way I did. I'd say take a break for a while. These are really long books and a lot of the same stuff. I would get burnt out on them if I read them the way you have been. I did 2-3 in a row, but that was all I could manage in one setting.

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