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Atlantis Betrayed by Alyssa Day
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Oct 30, 2011

it was amazing

“Atlantis Betrayed” is the sixth book (plus two novellas) in Alyssa Day’s Warriors of the Poseidon series. As I continue through Warriors of Poseidon, I noticed that I was pleasantly surprised by the last two books. In “Atlantis Betrayed” I figured that streak was over, as I totally disliked Christophe. Boy was I wrong…I loved him in this book, loved him with Fiona…and I think he is now my favorite…just goes to show that until you read their stories….you will never know.

Christophe has from the beginning a bad attitude and a chip on his shoulder. He openly hates humans, and doesn't care about saving them, but as a loyal warrior for Poseidon, he does what is expected of him. But as he is hanging around London, planning to steal the Jewel Siren for the Trident, his life is about to change…..he accidentally meets the ‘Scarlet Ninja’.

Fiona Campbell is another of Day’s great heroines. Seems they are all different and unique on their own, and Fiona turns out to be one of the best ones. Loved her. As the ‘Scarlet Ninja’, Fiona is a thief, who is the Robin Hood of her time; she steals to use the money to give to the needy. Fiona is in actuality a famous writer of children’s books, is rich on her own, and has a mansion to boot. She uses her own money to help charities. Of course, having read the previous stories, you know Fiona has some kind of power. Seems she is distant Fae (but possibly royal Seelie Fae), and has the ability to make herself invisible.

While out scouting the vanquish sword (which includes the siren jewel), Fiona accidentally runs into Christophe, who is looking to steal it. Christoph is immediately attracted to Fiona, as she is to him. He blackmails her to keep her identity a secret, if they become partners in the quest for the jewels. Their adventure to steal the jewel, as well as to prevent the vampires from using the jewel to enthrall the shifters is very exciting and fun.

This story also brings in the Unseelie Fae, specifically Lord Fairsby, who also wants the jewel for himself. The Unseelie Fae are supposed to be bad, as opposed to the good Seelie Fae we met in the previous books. As it turns out, Fiona’s best friend, Maeve, unbeknownst to her is an Unseelie Princess, who knew that Fiona was the ‘Scarlet Ninja’, but they were great friends. It was wonderful to watch Christophe fall in love with Fiona, marvel at the new emotions he was feeling, and to see him loosen up, and actually joke around. His constant grinning, playfulness was so infectious, you find yourself falling in love with Christoph. Fiona was the perfect match for him; she was smart, a crusader, spunky, sexy, and a real lady. The romance between the two of them was not only hot and steamy, it was fun. Day wrote this so well, she equally evened the story with action and romance.

What also made this story different were two secondary characters that were a big part of the story. Fiona’s brother, Declan, a computer geek, who helps her with her other life, is cute and very likeable. It was great to watch his relationship with his sister and to Christoph. The other was her butler, Hopkins, who saved her and Declan, after her father was killed by vampires, years before. You can tell how much he loves them both, and he also helps her with her double life. He is an enjoyable character, who intermixes with Christophe and the warriors who show up, which is funny. Atlantis Betrayed was a great book, very entertaining, lots of fun, sexy, plenty of action and an exciting ending. Best of all, the total change of Christophe was amazing to see. Looking forward to Vampire in Atlantis, which is Daniel's book…then comes the next book coming May, 2012…Quinn and Alaric’s.

Bodice Rippers

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