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Belladonna by Anne Bishop
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Oct 30, 2011

really liked it

I finished Belladonna, the second book of the Ephemera series today. I really enjoyed reading the book. There were a lot of great parts, fun parts, and the bad stuff was more distant then in the first book. Belladonna kept my interest throughout the book and the last half I had a hard time putting it down.

I thoroughly enjoyed the interactions between the main characters (family & friends), such as Nadia, Sebastian, Lynnea, Yoshani, Teaser, Caitlan, Bridget. The main characters in this book were Glorianna and Michael, and though I really liked them, I felt Bishop dropped the ball a bit on their romance. I really liked Glorianna, she was the ultimate heroine, who had the world on her shoulders; the one to help everyone, be there for everyone, her strong love for her family, and be willing to sacrifice her life to save them all. She didn’t have time to fall in love, and though she did love Michael, they teased a bit, and at no time did they really let us enjoy their budding romance. Michael was more descriptive of his love even before he met her, and you see that throughout. But she is hesitant knowing what she must do, and her brother and cousin were totally against Michael. I just feel they should have done more for the romance, and given us more like Sebastian had with Lynnea.

The end was great, and Michael’s love for Glorianna, as well as Sebastian is what saves her, and that was emotional. But again, Bishop could have done more with it. She grabbed our hearts multiple times, and twisted them over and over the last 1/3 of Queen of Darkness. She did not do this here, though the short end scenes were very good.

Don’t get me wrong, I thought overall the book was fun, exciting, with great writing. Bishops worlds are totally mindboggling, and at times confusing. I loved almost all of the characters in the book.

As much as I have enjoyed the Tir Alainn series and Ephemera, both series pale in comparison to Black Jewels. I guess I am spoiled by the characters & story in Black Jewels, and Bishop’s masterpiece in writing that series. However, I find it totally amazing how she can create such strange and different worlds and pull you totally in. Bishop is an excellent writer, but perhaps she needs to create a world less complex as Ephemera was, so that readers can enjoy the wonderful characters that she creates. Black Jewels was a different world, but no where as complex as Ephemera or even to an extent..Tir Alainn. I do look forward to Bridge of Dreams.

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