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A Time to Dance by Karen Kingsbury
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Oct 30, 2011

it was ok
Recommended for: people who are having difficulty with a relationship or marriage

Okay this book was interesting, so I'm going to write two reviews: one on the quality of the book and one on the context.

I based my rating off of the quality because I felt that was the most fair. This book is a simple, straight forward read - linear, no plot twists, and tragic for about 90% of the read. The vocabulary is unimpressive and I read this entire book while having a migraine (which means it falls into a category with Twilight and Ella Enchanted as far as mental processing). Nonetheless, I still found myself eager for the ending, to see how it would conclude, which implies some degree of a compelling tale. The quality here is a solid two, a C - better than romance novels, nothing like classics.

Oh boy, this is for a certain group of people who are looking for a specific book to read. To sum it up: "God" is mentioned on every single page of this book. I felt like I was reading propaganda - the story line is so blatant it screams at you the entire time: if you have a strong relationship with God, your marriage will be fantastic and you will be happy. If you don't, you will turn into a miserable bitter person who is either (a) an asshole to everyone (b) an alcoholic (c) disliked universally (d) goes after whores. The main characters are presented as perfect people who when they stray from their "walk" they fall into terrible habits and become entirely unhappy people. It was so biased that unless you were already swept up in the same mindset as the author, you would find yourself questioning the legitimacy of the story line.
However, I did not take issue with too much of the above. I took it as part of the storyline, and focused more on character development. Yet, I did take a great deal of offense and disgust in the roles of the female characters in the book. They had absolutely NO lives outside of men, and their entire goal was to get married to the "man of their dreams". I felt like I was reading a twisted disney princess story at times - the women did not care about their education or job development because that was their husband's "job". Books like this make me irate - even the female characters (i.e. Jo) who had terrible marriages where they felt neglected, overwhelmed, and unloved just talked about how they couldn't wait to get back together with their ex's (and do!). The worst is probably Nicole, the daughter getting married. She is insipid and only talks about her faith and how happy she is to get married. What will she contribute in this life? The best day of her life is her wedding day because it was the moment she had "prayed" for her entire life. Religion aside (I like to think you could be religious and a strong female), it was disgusting and I would never recommend this book to a young girl.
That being said, I do give the author some credit for her portrayal of divorce and of the travails of marriage. She really did do a good job of capturing that - the devastation that can wreck a marriage quickly if you allow the seed to grow. I would imagine she struggled a lot with her own marriage or was close with someone who did, and she encompasses that well.

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message 1: by Isabelle (new)

Isabelle So I'm confused. If the writing itself was a C- and the story was gag-worthy, why continue? Btw kudos on reviewing all of these books. I can tell you've spent time and thought on them.

message 2: by Lo (new) - rated it 2 stars

Lo I had a migraine, so I usually go for the easiest read around (i.e. Twilight) so I don't have to think. This book was a comfort for that (kind of).

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