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The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa
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Oct 30, 2011

it was amazing
Read from October 30 to November 01, 2011

Hell yes.

When I finished reading The Iron Queen, I was.. shocked.
I thought that was going to be the last book, and I just couldn’t accept that ending.
Mysterious, bittersweet, like something was going to happen but we’d never find out what.
Thankfully, Julie Kagawa did us the favour to write a last book.
So now I’m going to see the whole series and then specifically talk of this last book.

I start by saying, as I’ve already made clear in other reviews, that I hate faeries.
Seriously, they make me sick.
Maybe after this series I’ll try another one and see if it hooks me up, but the fact that I don’t like faeries at all is no mystery.
Anyway, when I read the synopsis of the first book, The Iron King, on goodreads, it sounded interesting. Plus, the average rating was more than four stars, so I said ‘well, why not for once?’
So I started reading.
And I must say I think great part of my liking it was due to the Shakespeare reference, but still.
Despite its having faeries and all those horrid creatures involved, I kind of liked it.
It didn’t strike me as ‘really good’, but it was fine.
So I waited a while before reading the rest. But eventually, due to lack of books to read, I decided to try the second one, too.
And that hooked me up more.
I’ve said that before, I never like having a shadow from the past (Ariella) in the characters.
Anyway, I kept reading and hoping it would somehow end in a good way.
The third book, it was cool.
They finally resolved it all, and seemed to have come to a solution without any of them dying, for which I was grateful because I grew fond of the characters.
But Julie Kagawa really did make an awesome thing in writing the Iron Knight, because that is the book that really made me miss the series once it was over and made me say ‘okay, this series was really, really good and I’m glad I picked it up.’

** There may be spoilers (okay, there’s surely going to be), you’ve been warned. Keep reading at your own expense. **

I think Ariella’s appearance wa s expected at last.
I mean, I did expect it.
After all, I think none of us really got over the fact that Ash’s heart was devoted to someone else first, so it was only the best thing to do to make things right.
Plus, Ash kept thinking of her during their journey so I was pretty sure she’d show up.
And ta-da, she did.
And then I grew a bit anxious for Meghan and Ash’s situation.
I mean, Ariella was really the one who for the first time softened his heart, who made him see how good things can be. Who made him understand that life is not as cold and emotionless as he had been brought up to believe in Tir Na Nog.
Her death destroyed him.
And also made him weaker, afraid of falling in love again, which he actually did with Meghan.
Now, I’m examining Ariella’s situation.
Because for a moment (okay, maybe more than that), I seriously hated Ash.
Try to see it all under Ariella’s point of view.
She arrived at the Unseelie Court, not at all expecting she would fall in love with the Winter Prince, and less than that change him like that.
But she did.
She found love and she was truly, sincerely happy.
And then she died.
She died, but then found out she could have one more chance to be with Ash, waking up in the forest mysteriously ‘alive’.
Right then, she had a vision and discovered that not only did she have to give up Ash and never see him again, but she had to let him meet a girl, and fall in love with her.
Her only love, she was going to give up to someone else.
She sacrificed her happiness, her life.
But, as stories go, she probably still had a slight, very slight hope that when he met her again he would remember what he felt for her, and choose her.
Because after all they’d been through, maybe she refused to believe that he would move on, since she never did.
Maybe she refused to believe he didn’t love her enough to choose her.
I wanted Meghan to be with Ash, but it broke my heart to see that poor girl like that.
All the while I read about them, I had 'Someone like you' by Adele stuck in my head. I think it fits them perfectly.
I wonder if Ash would have ever imagined, when he first talked to Meghan about Ariella, that she would become so important to him to make him leave Ariella's memory for good.

Okay, I had to say that.
About Ash, I loved how he changed from the first to this last book.
At first, yes, he was ready to protect Meghan, but their relationship really evolved in the books.
Their connection became stronger and stronger, until in this last book he had to make the ultimate choice: if he was ready to give up everything, his entire being, for her.
That was the last test their relationship had to endure. After that, it truly became invincible.
And we also had a more or less vision of their future together when Ash had to pass the last test, though I’m hoping it really wouldn’t go like that.
We’ll never know, but I hope Ash was spared the oh-my-god-i'll-become-a-wrinkled-old-man thing.
It was so admirable that he agreed to become mortal even when he was what he was going to become. A weak, old man who couldn’t even walk alone, while his wife still was young and beautiful. All for Meghan.
Come to think of it, he lived an entire lifetime. Try to imagine, you live your WHOLE life, and then when you’re about to die, you wake up and find out that was only a vision, and you’re still a young faery enduring the last test.
He had a second chance on his choice, and he didn’t change it no matter what he knew was going to happen.
True paranormal romance. :’)

As for Puck, I’ve always loved him.
In the end, he’s the one who had to suffer more.
Always trying to act cool, like he didn’t care, when actually he was hurting like nobody else, having to see the girl he loved loving somebody else; and for that matter, that somebody else being both his sworn enemy and a boy whose love he’d already taken once, so doing it a second time would only destroy him completely.
So he had to play the best-friend on both sides, and eventually be left behind.
I admired him.
He was my favourite, the strongest of them all, in the end.

Because between Ash and Puck, it's really hard to choose.
On one side, who wouldn't love the cold, mysterious Ash. The one who's so hard to touch, but when he lets you come closer, then he gives himself completely to you. He's loyal until the very end.
Puck, on the other side, is the eternally-cheerful type.
The one who could cheer you up even after your entiry family's just been slaughtered. (okay, maybe not in that case, but you get what I mean.)
And I have to say, he is the one who trusted Meghan from the beginning, who was ready to give up everything for her, while Ash ignored her in Tir Na Nog.
Fair to mention, Puck had known her for all her life, and Ash only for a few weeks.
So you see, you just have to love them both.

And the ending was sweeeeeeeeeeeet.
Well, after all this drama I think we deserved an ending like that, haha.
This series got better and better with each book, it took me to a time and a place where I could relax and lose myself.
It wasn’t rushed nor lacking action.
The emotions in the characters were true and realistic, taking us on a journey full of hellos and goodbye, sad and happy endings.
I can only be happy I picked up the first book, and congratulate Julie Kagawa for the awesome series.

P.S. This last cover was drop-dead-gorgeous.
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