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The Lost Prince by Julie Kagawa
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Oct 30, 2011

really liked it
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Read from November 13 to 14, 2012

RATING: 4 Out Of 5

It feels so great to be sucked back into the fey world that captivated our hearts only a couple of years ago - and thanks to Kagawa's new spin off series we can be again! I got so excited by this book when I read the novella (view spoiler) I was like WOW, NOW I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE LOST PRINCE!!!! Because you all have to admit that sounds pretty exciting.

I really enjoyed reading this novel; it had so many of the same themes and characters and magicalness of the original series. I especially love when Ash, Megan and PUCK!!!! Appeared in the story, because really they are too awesome of characters to not have them appear. Though I must bring this up, and I'm not sure if anyone else has thought this, but why is Ethan's last name Chase?? He is Megan's half brother between her mother and step father. Meaning they are both biologically Ethan's parents, so shouldn't Ethan has his father's last name? It seems odd that he would have Chase. Anyone else think this?

Okay, back on track. Let's talk about Ethan; he's a rebel and a bad boy apparently - only not really - it’s just the stigma that has been created for him with so many fey that has popped up into his life and pretty much made it hell for him and stopped any chance at him trying to be normal. I like that we are reading from a male's pov - it’s a good break from Megan. Secondly our other leading male Keeiran. Honestly, and I must put this out there, I didn’t really like him.... He wasn't really funny... he wasn't charming... he wasn't overly caring... and he didn't really seem to inhabit any of the good quality of his parents which seems really odd to me. To be raised by such awesome parents you think he would be just like them - but nope. Besides his appearance you wouldn’t really know he was their kid - besides his bad knack of getting in to trouble. But what puzzles me is that if this character is going to go evil at some stage it wouldn’t shock me, I kind of imagined his character to be really funny and nice and that way when he does flip to the bad side you are overly shocked and can't believe it... But the way his character is present, you wouldnt be overally shocked by his flip. Especially to some decisions that he made in this book, I can see him turning evil. Also there were constant jokes about Keeiran and Ethan being like another duo - Puck and Ash - but I don’t see it! There is no real bond between the pair and there is no humour between the two of them - which is something that I really loved about Ash and Puck's relationship. The humour was the best part, their constant sparring comments at each other. Ethan and Keeiran lack that, their only connecting quality’s to the older due is again that inability to stay out of trouble.

And going back to humour, this is really why I couldn’t love this novel. Was the complete and utter lack of humour. The one thing I loved the most about the fey books was Kagawa's awesome sense of humour (which is mostly due to Puck I know...) but this book had none of it. I would have liked if Ethan or Keeiran had some humour to themselves, this would have made the whole novel much more enjoyable and would have then received a much higher rating. Next point, Anwyln, Keeiran's love interest. For a girl who is a fey of the summer court this character had absolutely no warmth what so ever. She was not likeable and you could not see at all what Keeiran liked about her or how these two could have possible fallen in love, but seeing his utter devotion to her, you wonder if it is her possible death that may aid to Keeiran's character eventually going off the deep end. I really wonder if this series will see the utter destruction of Keeiran's character and if we'll see him slowly turn to the dark side I guess you could say. Not to compare this to Star Wars or anything, But I kind of wonder if Ethan will be Luke and face off against Keeiran (who used to be good) but is now the Darth Vador of the story? Anyone - thoughts??

Overall I still really enjoyed this and really cannot wait to get my hands on book two - The Traitor Son - we just know this is going to have something major to do with Keeiran - and the series being called the Call of The Forgotten - means it pretty obvious that the overall series will revolve around the rising army of the forgotten fey. Sounds soo good :)

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