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The Falls by Joyce Carol Oates
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May 24, 2008

it was amazing
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Read in June, 2008

I have to give Oates all 5 on this one. When beginning it, I was thinking it would be predictable, having read a few others that seemed to be written in the same concept, but she kept twisting things a bit, looking at angles of people that intrigued me. Really, an incredible book. Maybe her most.

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message 1: by Pris (new)

Pris Campbell Isn't Joyce Carol Oates a magnificent writer??

Talia Indeed. She has some predictable patterns, but not in a terribly bad way...her patterns are like experimentation with the human condition.

message 3: by Pris (new)

Pris Campbell Have you read Alice Hoffman, esp Illumination night? She's written a couple that aren't so good, but the rest are like poetry set to prose, the writing is so filled with magic.

Talia I've heard of her...haven't read anything, though. Thank you. I will have to check it out. Our library is small, so I sometimes end up reading things that aren't really on my list, at least when I'm in a pinch, and I know very little about all of those "new" books on the shelves.

message 5: by Pris (new)

Pris Campbell Our library is reasably sized but doesn't carry a huge variety. If I don't want to wait for a loaner, I check books used on Amazon. You can get a book sometimes for the 99 cents plus mailing, so the total is a bit over three dollars. When I finish, I donate it to the library so it has a copy. Might be one alternative for you to get more variety as you can afford it.

Talia Thanks! I am a fan of used Amazon. I also am a fan of my friends who loan me their books! I donate stuff too. Especially the stuff my husband reads (Harry Potter-ish). The library loves his stuff.

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