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Darwin's Children by Natasha Larry
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Oct 29, 2011

it was amazing

“Combine – Paranormal, Romance, Thrills – You get “Darwin’s Children”

‘Darwin’s Children’, by author, Natasha Larry, has all the elements needed for a thrillingly paranormal good time. The author takes the safety and security of one’s life and links potential dangers with the supernatural world – with a mixture of suspense and fear. I devoured this read in one afternoon.

Imagine being a young teenage girl home schooled for the most part of your young life, and then finding out that you are now going to attend an Ivy League school – sound exciting? Now imagine that this young teenage girl is unique in that she has telekinetic and telepathic powers – powers that she is desperately fighting to manage. She finds life even more demanding in that her father has the same gift, and at any given time can read her thoughts – a horror indeed! Jaycie Lerner does not fit in with the so-called ‘normal’ kids, nor does she want to. She finds her unusual gifts a blessing when it comes to manipulating her teachers by reading their thoughts, and sometimes overpowering their authority. However, having such supernatural powers does not come without its disadvantages. Besides having to keep a step ahead of her telepathic father, she yearns for a close relationship with her best friend, Matthew Carter, only to shy away from telling him her true feelings – frightened he will see her as a freak of nature.

Visiting a local jewelry shop, Jaycie has an encounter with a stranger that startles her to her core. “Buy this bracelet,” the woman tells her, “Then meet me outside.” The stranger tells her that the Christian bookstore is hiring for a part-time position and suggests that she should apply. She informs Jaycie that she will meet and befriend a young girl that works there, and in doing so their relationship will restore balance to the world – then mysteriously she disappears. Next, the reader is introduced to a character by the name of, Haylee Mitchell – a character the reader shall soon not forget. Haylee is plagued with her own demons. Forced to take care of her alcoholic mother, Haylee has relentless nightmares – or are they horrible visions of what is to come?

Vampires, fairy blood, guardian angels, magic, and the powers within the supernatural world – “Darwin’s Children” has all of these strange and mystical properties. The characters in this book are well written and the storyline flows effortlessly. I only mentioned a handful of the characters as they are many, and all play a vital part in this paranormal thriller.

Read, “Darwin’s Children,” and I believe you will agree, author, Natasha Larry, has found her forte in story telling, and it’s in the genre of paranormal suspense.
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