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Holy Ghost Girl by Donna Johnson
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Oct 29, 2011

it was amazing
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Read in October, 2011

5 out of 5 from me! I couldn’t have said it any better about this book than what the Publisher has said about this book, as they are exactly right on the mark about this book, but this is an actual memoir that goes into much greater detail, of course, than you can dare to imagine. Day by day, revival after revival, the people pour in looking for some kind of hope for Jesus Christ to perform a miracle in their lives. In some places of this book I was in stitches, and in others, it was so sad. For example, a man just came up to Terrell and handed him his hard-earned money, money he probably could have used to feed or clothe his family all because the good Lord laid it heavily on his heart to do so. If this guy only knew what that money went to. NOT to help people, but to line Terrell’s pockets and more!
I always laugh when I see these tent revivals in the movies or on TV! I always think what a sham! Who and why would someone readily give out money to anyone who has erected an old circus tent just in the name of Jesus? These people need their heads examined! Today things are different. We have the power of television and the internet. In a way things are not that different, just the process of the delivery of the message is different. I am not saying ALL people who get on TV are crooked, either. Look at Joyce Meyers, for example, and all the good she does! I also know there are others as well who are not wrong, so sometimes it can be a tough decision
This book goes into such detail of all the things that happened as to what made Dona’s mother, the daughter of a Pastor to begin with, even decide to join David Terrell’s group to become the organist of these tent revivals, to how and what made Donna want to leave this dysfunctional so-called family she had back at the tent revivalists. I don’t know HOW she turned out so normal?
It was amazing how fast they got these dust ridden tents up, even with volunteers helping from other churches from all over the areas these groups went to speak at couldn’t get to fast enough to help raise these tents, as the Revivals were often referred to as the Sawdust Trails from 1960-1962, to the trouble the kids would get into as the preaching went on.
The part that hit me the most was how in the memoir, Donna was able to see this was NOT the way to live life, (perhaps David Terrell taking her as his wife at a very young age and sleeping with her) to her leaving without ever turning back to look again. That is, until Brother David Terrell, the Healer, the End-Time Prophet, the closest thing Donna had to a father figure dies/Daddy, dies. This is in the very front of the book, in the Prologue, in which Brother Randall Terrell, son to David Terrell, decides he is going to raise his father from the dead, just like Jesus was. Shocking.
This book is a wonderful memoir as to all Donna went through. Just amazing! GREAT read!

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