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The Wicker King by K. Ancrum
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He'd seen jack fall and sprinted toward the pit, August had leaped oft the edge and dove headlong into the darkness behind him. He would pull them both out of the deep with his bare hands.

I think this book is one of my new favourites of all time, I loved it! I don't have any idea how to talk about it cause there is no way to do this book justice, also I just have so many thoughts so excuse me while I ramble.

This book is immersive and beautiful but it's also cruel and incredibly raw. August and Jack are such wonderful characters that I couldn't help but feel for them both. Jack's parents are never around and whilst August's mum is physically around she rarely is mentally, so they end up being kids trying to raise each other. They fuck up, god do they fuck up at times, but they try their hardest for each other.

They both need someone, they need a constant in their life so full of neglect and they choose each other. It's codependent and extremely unhealthy at times but their relationship is all they have, and it's something they both need. The book makes it clear though that this relationship is not okay, there is no romanticising of this unhealthy bond. Also, major praise for Ancrum as this is the first time i've ever seen a YA book that features a D/s relationship, and I loved how it was explored here.

But he'd known then that he was important. He was valuable, he was Jacks.

This book actually begins after Jack and August are arrested for arson, then it goes back and shows you how they got to this point. It's one of those books that really grabs you as the whole time you're aware that you're being pulled into the darkness with the boys. It's real and gripping, and at times it made me so anxious to continue reading as I was scared as to what was going to happen. It's definitely an atmospheric, immersive read, and there were definitely points where I was wondering what was actually real.

Honestly, I spent a good chunk of my reading time debating whether I was actually liking this or not but by the end I was so completely enthralled. This book is essentially all about flawed people making bad decisions, which I don't think we get enough of in books. I feel like usually books are all about characters who are always trying to be perfect and do the right thing, whereas August and Jack are unflinchingly real characters who make serious mistakes. I want more. I want books that discuss mental illness (this book has some of the best mental health rep i've ever read), unhealthy relationships, and how sometimes people who try to do their best end up failing. I'm just so wowed by this entire book. I've been pulled down the rabbit hole with these boys and now I don't know how to get back.

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