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Eleanor of Aquitaine by Alison Weir
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May 24, 2008

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Started September 16, 2000; I love books about strong women in history and have a particular fascination with this interesting lady. Definitely want to finish it. Alison Weir is also one of my favorite British biographer/historian/authors. She writes in an engaging way which makes history read like a story v. like a textbook. I will probably revise my rating up when I finally have the chance to go back and finish this.

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message 1: by booklady (last edited May 25, 2008 06:01PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

booklady Ah Eleanor! What a lady she was! She inherited the great duchy of Aquitaine, a fortune in its day, went on the Second Crusade (and survived!) was married to two kings (Louis VII of France and Henry II of England--who had St. Thomas Beckett murdered) and was the mother of two kings of England: Richard the Lion Heart (think of "Robin Hood" and "Ivanhoe") and John I who is best known for having his knights rebel on him and insist he sign the Magna Carta. She also ruled England for a period of time in Richard's absence, while he was off on the Third Crusade.

Now how is that for one full life?! :O

booklady No I don't know about her 'personally' which is why I want to read a bio about her. I just know that she had to be strong, determined, smart and able to handle herself or she couldn't have done all she did, especially as a woman at that time in history. I forgot to mention that she spent 16 years imprisioned by her second husband, Henry II, which undoubtedly left its mark on her as well. Like you, I wonder (and pray!) that she fared well eternally. But I must confess that my interest in her is more historical. I am fascinated with history and what life must have been like back then for people. I lived in Europe for 9 years (probably told you this a million times!) and visiting all those castles, historic sites and ruins only fed my imagination.

(((hugs))) to you too! booklady ^j^

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