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it was ok
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I had a long review and I got too many responses to it. Comments and emails, and strangers connecting with me because of this review.
So I deleted it.

Here is what I will say now
I once gave this 5 stars. I have since changed it to 2 stars.
My focus is on something else now. This book is fine but I don't recommend it any more but other books instead...
If you are looking for control over yourself and future, Its in being as close to God as possible.
How to do that and what that looks like is a much longer explanation and individual for everyone.
Good luck on your journey!
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La Petite Américaine I really like your review, especially for its honesty and openness. I believe in every word of this book: we control our own lives. I'm really glad to see among all these one star reviews that someone else actually liked it. :)

Maggie Thank you. I was also diappointed to find so many people who didn't like or actually hated this book. Thanks for sharing.

I think I found where this book originated from. If you're interested. "The Strangest Secret" by Earl Nightingale. He's a famous radio host from the 50s and it's one of his radio shows on the secret. It was passed around by word of mouth and they later put down his words on paper. Interesting.

It doesn't look like we have any other books in common. kinda funny how that works.

Shawnni It's been seven months since your review just wondering if you still feel the same about the book....I am nearly finished reading it and need to have some serious discussions about it. My brain is kind of hurting because it's wanting to discuss it! LOL

Maggie Shawnnita wrote: "It's been seven months since your review just wondering if you still feel the same about the book....I am nearly finished reading it and need to have some serious discussions about it. My brain i..."

It's been over a year since I heard of it the first time. We bought the movie too, I think the movie is better. I still feel the same about it. My husband and I watch the movie every few months. what do you think of it?

message 5: by Kat (new)

Kat Wow.

Just wow.

Thatsbadshiva A clear case of relating coincidences to a marketing wonder! But it's okay though since you're not a cynic. I mean, it's the sort of book which preys on peoples insecurities, rough times and hard days. But whatever works fr whoever!
I just had to say this 'coz i've never really heard anyone saying the book actually helped them!

Maggie Thatsbadshiva wrote: "A clear case of relating coincidences to a marketing wonder! But it's okay though since you're not a cynic. I mean, it's the sort of book which preys on peoples insecurities, rough times and hard ..."

Hmmm, I never thought a person could be "preyed upon" by reading this book.

I see the way my life has been blessed because of learning about the law of attraction. Now almost 2 years later, I am fortunate to say that I have learned more about this and other laws and continue to have wonderful and inspiring experiences regularly by being aware of and using these laws.

Eliza Mansuetto Uribe You cannot be preyed upon by reading a book. You can only have your eyes opened to new experiences bad or good. This book is just a different way reminding us that we need to be positive thinkers to make positive things happen. And IF we ARE thinking positively, our eyes are opened to all of the positiveness that ALREADY exists around us. That is truth.

Maggie Eliza, I agree. Whether these things be "coincidence" or not, I am more apt to recognize the wonderful things in my life and to be grateful for them.

So call it coincidences or miracles...I'm happier.

Eric Lanvin Very great review... And you also gave real examples.

Claudia Maggie wrote: "Eliza, I agree. Whether these things be "coincidence" or not, I am more apt to recognize the wonderful things in my life and to be grateful for them.

So call it coincidences or miracles...I'm happ..."

I agree with this post. Even if 90% might be 'crap' like many have said, the other 10% has helped change my mindset into thinking more positively...and life is definitely better.

message 13: by Ian (new)

Ian So, this review is a joke, right? I mean, it has to be, yes?

I happen to know a little bit (okay, quite a lot) about taxes and I can tell you with supreme confidence based on upon my hard-earned expertise in the field that your positive thinking had no connection whatsoever to the amount of your tax refund, not unless you mean positive thinking led you to taking aggressive (i.e., legally questionable) positions on your return, resulting in a lower overall tax liability.

Thamer Xaviër The same as me,, i'm changed totally

message 15: by Carla (new)

Carla Thanks for your positive energy! :)

Maggie Ian,
nope, it really wasn't a joke. Everything I wrote about really did happen. I don't usually joke about miscarriages, health, or obesity. However, I do occasionally joke about taxes, but in this case, no humor was intended.

I understand your point of view, its the same as a lot of peoples'. Its the same debate people have been having for ever. Coincidence vs Divine Intervention. We choose to believe what we want. Clearly, I have chosen...and so have you. And that's OK.

Ps, I don't know what "aggressive positions on your return" means. Not that I'm asking you to explain.

Yogesh Raut Maggie, I have gone through your comments but could you give some more examples of your life experience whether & how this book have changed your life?

Maggie Yogesh, my initial review is from 2008, so now it being 3 years later, are you asking for more recent experiences?
Well, my thinking and view has evolved, as we all do. First of all, finding out about the "law of attraction" set me on a path to look for other "laws". Through other books and articles by other inspirationalists, (examples: Jack Canfield, Deepak Chopra, The Arbinger Institute, Earl Nightinggale, Leslie Householder, and one of my favorites, Wayne Dyre)
I have found some laws over the years and I hope to find more. The Law of Attraction is just one of many laws. I like learning about laws that govern our universe because I feel it gives me knowledge about how it all works together. Also, I feel when I need something in my life or I have a trial I am able to think about and utilize a specific law or a combination of the laws I need. The Law of Attraction is almost always used in combination with other laws.
Here is a simple example for you now:
I wanted a chest for my daughter's bedroom. I had another piece of furniture where I eventually wanted the chest because I needed something to use in the meantime. Then I discovered the "Vacuum Law", which states that what we want in our lives (physical and non-physical) cannot enter if we don't make space for it. So I created space for the chest by removing the furniture that was there. I also used the law of attraction in combination with this. One week later someone gave me a chest for free. The perfect size I needed.
Here's another simple example:
I have wanted a jogger stroller for a couple of years. I have desired one, but never really put thought into it, just always had a vague desire for it. I've looked at used stores for cheap ones here and there, but I never could spend the money on it. The last 2 months, my desire strengthened for some reason. I used the law of attraction by imagining myself jogging with it and feeling satisfied that it was something I could afford. 2 weeks ago someone asked if I wanted a brand new jogger stroller because she couldn't use it. For free. I think this took 2 years to manifest because my desire was weak for a long time. But, I have it now.
I only give physical examples because they are the only ones that I can really explain to an outside person. I could tell you about my happiness, my relationship with God, my relationship with my children, my parents, and so on. All of these more important areas have been affected as well. But because I can't prove a "feeling" or "atmosphere" of a relationship, its hard to give concrete examples. Does that make sense?
Here's a current one I'm working on. For a business loan, we owe $10,000 at the end of this month (November). Paying this would have been no problem, except that transferring the name over to a new business name has caused payment problems for some of our biggest clients. This is adding up to more than $10,000 of accounts that have not paid us. This will all work out in about 6-8 weeks and we will have the money later. But, WE owe the money in 4 weeks, which means, we have a problem.
Using the "law of inspiration", "law of attraction", "law of faith", and "law of work" We will be able to make this payment. I'm not sure how. But I've learned that I don't need to know how - my job is to be inspired by God, pray and focus on what He inspires me to, do my part by working at my 100% effort, and have faith. God does the rest.
Would you like me to let you know how this payment works out? Because I'm interested to see it myself.
And, is this the kind of information you were asking for?

Yogesh Raut Maggie wrote: "Yogesh, my initial review is from 2008, so now it being 3 years later, are you asking for more recent experiences?
Well, my thinking and view has evolved, as we all do. First of all, finding out ab..."

Maggie, Sincere thanks for your detailed reply. But the example of Chest or stroller are comparatively simple also they are not impossible or so difficult. Yaa ....but the example of 10000 $ is good one still they are in the capacity of you as you mentioned. I wanted to know whether have you faced any critical problem than this? Or have you heard about any other reader of same book who has come over from great agony by appying Law of Attraction?

Also please can u suggest me the book of following authors Jack Canfield, Deepak Chopra, The Arbinger Institute, Earl Nightinggale, Leslie Householder, and one of my favorites, Wayne Dyre).

Yogesh Raut One more question Have you ever tried to apply this law for great fortune instead or for big task?

Maggie Yogesh,
I absolutely agree with you that the examples I gave are really trivial. I find that, really, that's what most people want to hear. People want concrete and measurable examples. So that's what I give.
Obviously you are different.
You are asking me to open up very personal information. You said, "I wanted to know whether have you faced any critical problem than this?" Many things I have experienced, my friends and family don't know about and some of those people are my "friends" on goodreads. I wish to not expose myself in that way.
However, I will send you a private message with my response.

I will say this for everyone to see though:
as far as using this law, it takes two steps, which I found out on my own:

1. It must be a true desire. Money is hard for me because I don't really care about money. I have a very hard time truly desiring more than is necessary. I've always had the necessities and most often some extra for some luxuries in life. I have been blessed in this way. As for large fortune - I just don't care about it. Its not important to me, there are so many other more important things to me.

2. It must be what God wants for you (or a higher power, the universe, or what ever people want to call Him). This require inspiration. I pray, meditate, and ponder to even know what I should be desiring and focusing on. When we have this unity with the universe - wow! Its powerful, and everything we work towards comes into fruition.

Now I will message you examples of critical problems.

Yogesh Raut Maggie wrote: "Yogesh,
I absolutely agree with you that the examples I gave are really trivial. I find that, really, that's what most people want to hear. People want concrete and measurable examples. So that's ..."

Thank you very much Maggie. May God Bless You!!!!!

message 23: by Roxanna (new)

Roxanna Very good review and follow-up. I am glad that this book has positively influenced your life. I think some people are very quick to judge people and experiences based upon their own biases. However, one is free to think how they want to and there should be no judgment towards those whose thinking does not mirror your own. To each his/her own!

message 24: by Sayed (new)

Sayed Sayed Could u pls. Inform me about ur experience? Will be v. Kind of u. Regards.

message 25: by Bhavna (new)

Bhavna Maggie I totally believe in The Secret and want to talk to you most urgently. Is it possible? Would really appreciate it. Thanks

Humey This book (read in 2006) was a stimulus for me and changed my life as well. (I not only read it but studied up on the references it makes in history). The message from the book and all it's references is that it's not so much what happens to you that matters but what you do about the things that happen to you! The fact is that all of us have a set of values, beliefs, mindsets, thoughts and habits of behavior (mostly inherited from parents & early years). And these will gives various results in life, including what I literally see around me with my own eyes. I have now changed my beliefs about myself, the world and what I deserve. Good opportunities come my way regularly now, I'm healthier, I've been promoted several times in my company and now earn much more money, I go on more regular holidays, life is fantastic. But...I changed my thinking AND took action AND developed new habits. Could I and should I have done this before, yes but I didn't. Obviously, I'm a fan of the book.

message 27: by Rick (new)

Rick Royster congrats on losing the 44 pounds, i bet you feel so much better?

Maggie Rick, it is now 5 years after this. I lost a total of 57 pounds that year. right after which I got pregnant and I have my little girl now. yes, I feel much better than I did back then. thanks for asking!

message 29: by Rick (new)

Rick Royster Talk about joining a tread a little Congrats on the little girl, bet she's amazing. I'm in the process of reading the master key system again. I wish you and hubby much continued success. :)

message 30: by Yusuf Adi (new)

Yusuf Adi Setyawan So absurd, if by believing can make you just alright and healthy after drinking fatal dose of arsenic, waow i want that power to. Where i register then?

message 31: by Rick (new)

Rick Royster Neeka wrote: "I loved your review. It is very true. What you desire the most and put in the universe will come back to you.
My husband was telling me about this when we first got together in 2009. I was in the p..."

Great- heart warming story- so glad you are married to a great person with a good job. Try out the master key system and think and grow rich. The master key os awesome for mental training... Hi,how do I read this book in goodreads?it doesn't written "read"here in goodreads.what shall I do I'm new here and I'm desperately like to read all the book of miss Rhonda byrne,?

message 33: by Ryan (new)

Ryan Matthew, that is because most of people who actually believe in this New-age stuff are retarded. There is an actual study done in the field of psychology that indicates the correlation between retarded (lower-intelligence) people being more short-sighted and materialistic, thus egoistic and selfish.
Honestly, there is so much stupidity blabbered in this review, that I wish I could use the almighty Rhonda Bryne's law of attraction to get rid of it.
I actually prayed and wished with all my heart. But yet, this stupid review post still exists. Why is it not working? Is it because I am a non-believer?
No, wait, this law of attraction crap is a DUMB SCAM that preys on retarded people, that is why..

message 34: by Rick (last edited May 15, 2013 10:54PM) (new)

Rick Royster Ryan wrote: "Matthew, that is because most of people who actually believe in this New-age stuff are retarded. There is an actual study done in the field of psychology that indicates the correlation between reta..."
Ryan Law of Attraction simply states that your mind creates reality. That is always true... U can't build a car until you think of it first. You can't build a plane until you think of it first... Swan and Edison were told repeatedly that no way a light bulb could be created but i'm sure you have lights. If Oprah, Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Bill Gates and countless other millionaires say Law of attraction works...then at least in their mind it does because they have the results to prove it.

message 35: by Susan (new)

Susan The OP makes it pretty clear she is primarily using material goods examples because they are concrete and easily understood. She also tries several times to make the point that her positive experiences are not limited to material goods acquisition. You can nearly distill this entire topic down to "the beneficial power of positive thinking and a positive outlook on life cannot be denied", with the examples Rick mentions here being just a small selection of "proof-positive".

message 36: by Ryan (last edited May 21, 2013 09:43PM) (new)

Ryan Rick wrote: "Ryan wrote: "Matthew, that is because most of people who actually believe in this New-age stuff are retarded. There is an actual study done in the field of psychology that indicates the correlation..."

As much as I love to hear people blabbering with no facts and objective evidences to support their arguments.... no wait, I actually don't like that.

Tell me Rick, why does anyone have to believe your statement, "Law of attraction simply states... That is always true. (Rick)" The reasons you gave me are just god-awful and far from what we call objective evidences that add credibility to the said statement.
Honestly Rick, to your absurd idea that reality exists by the power of your mind, let me assure you, the reality existed and will keep on existing whether you are alive or not.
This is the problem with this New-age stuff, they brainwash you to think that you are somewhat of a God-like entity that makes everything happen around you.

It's not that Edison magically brought a light bulb out of thin air by wishing like Rhonda Bryne's Law of attraction (by the way, don't call it as if it is a scientific law) would say he had done, but it is that he tried and tried, with many failures, until he found a method that worked.
To all honesty, what Edison did, as you mentioned as an example, is the polar opposite of what you are trying to say. Unlike you, who is presumably sitting your arse on a chair, just wishing that things will come to you by the almighty power of visualizing through Law of attraction, Edison and many inventors, who made our lives easier, worked hard for them.
You are insulting those who improved our general welfare by attributing their accomplishments (which had been achieved by a combination of their bright minds and "perspiration") to a baseless idea from some New-age guru.

Tell me, in which accounts, all the celebrities you mentioned said Law of attraction works. A few sources would suffice, but you probably won't give me any source, because people like you love to make up stories about all these wonderful people saying all these wonderful things work.
Even if you do list me some sources, personal accounts by a few people do not make an absurd and baseless idea, like Law of attraction, to become a real, scientific law (which is what Rhonda Bryne argues, for heaven's sake).

P.S. I visualize, with all my heart and intentions, a world where the kind of stupidity that you showed in your reply doesn't exist. But this law of attraction thing doesn't seem to work that well. After all, I still see the stupidity you spewed on this site, and the online entity called Rick also retains its existence.
By the way, how rich and powerful are you? Not that your personal accounts make it any more real, but, at least, one would think that you would be a billionaire by now if you knew how to work such an all-mighty power.

message 37: by Rick (last edited May 21, 2013 10:36PM) (new)

Rick Royster Lol...Ryan, hilarious post. If you google any of the people names i mentioned and put law of attraction next to it, their individual stories will pop up. Jim Carey said every night he drove out to a park by himself, he wrote himself a check for 20 million dollars, and talked to himself about what a great actor he was. This was before he made any movies... Oprah we know had a show on law of attraction so we know she believes it works. Will Smith the same thing.

Arnold Schwarzenegger said the book the Magic of believing is what made him move to America to become a great movie star, even though he had no acting skills and could barely speak english. He worked hard, took a risk but he was 100% sold on the law of attraction.

If you believe you will accomplish something and have a burning- all obsessive desire to do so then I would imagine you will get it done. When they say women like men who are confident, or a confident man will get the girl, this statement is true because the man knows he will have success, and when he fails, he moves onto the next girl without skipping a beat.

Henry Ford gave Napoleon Hill a 20 year assignment to meet and study the 500 most influential americans of the early 20th century. He said all 500 had the same qualities and told him the same thing. law of Attraction.

Oprah, Donald Trump, Jay-Z, Bill Gates, David Lynch and countless others all say that they meditate and visualize there day in advance every single day, but I guess they are crack pots who never accomplished anything in their lives?

Only 10% of americans write down goals, meditate and visualize their goals becoming reality, and that is why 10% of americans control over 90% of the wealth.

It's not all about money with me...but I know law of attraction to work because it has for me good and bad. Recently for my book "Warriors at the gates" I wanted to work with an artist named Mario Wibisono, he's one of the best artist in the world and really only takes major clients. Not only has he done my book cover, but he's done well over 10 drawings for me, all over $1000 a clip and he'c currently drawing for me now as well. I live in Miami, he lives in Indonesia... Law of Attraction at work. Trying to get a premier artist like Mario to work with you can sometimes take years, not saying its impossible but to get a dozen drawing from one is next to impossible.

My book will be out soon and I believe it will be a huge success, I have no doubt about this. But I must work at it, the words aren't going to just pop out of my head and jump on the page, I must do the work, the really really hard work.

So if successful people tell you how they are successful and what has worked for them and you still reject it- then that is on you. Sorry your life hasn't turned out the way you wanted so far, but hopefully it turns and you can be fulfilled and happy.

As the great Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius said "Our life is what our thoughts make it". Many a great men have uttered that same line. Maybe they all were just "Absurd"?

Before I heard of the law of attraction I had always considered myself extremely skilled and extremely unlucky. Upon uncovering the master key system, things took a vast turn for the better. Even though I was college educated (florida state university) I was living on my Mom's couch, had a car with a busted engine and $485 month car note and my then girlfriend had just broken up with me. I was a super loser! Lets just say things have changed drastically.

And me a Billionaire? Not yet sir, but i'm working on it. But Ryan I would never call you names as you have done to me, my life is fantastic and only getting better, I'm happy all the time. I sincerely hope and pray that you find the same because I spent many a night going to sleep stressed, frustrated and troubled. Its no fun and its no place to be.

Just remember you cant build a house until you have the plans and no exactly what type of house it is you want... same with life. You can't build the type of life you want until you have the clear picture in your head. The great inventor Nikola Telsa he would picture his inventions in his mind with great detail before they became a reality. He also did it with different countries and people as well.

I'll leave you with a comforting thought- if you believe it to be true or not, you are right either way.

message 38: by Ryan (last edited May 22, 2013 12:08AM) (new)

Ryan Rick wrote: "Lol...Ryan, hilarious post. If you google any of the people names i mentioned and put law of attraction next to it, their individual stories will pop up. Jim Carey said every night he drove out to ..."

Hey Rick, thank you for your reply.
I honestly didn't expect anything back from you.

Now, I'm sorry what I wrote before felt like name-calling to you. Now that I have looked over my posts, I see why you'd feel that way. One thing that I would like to clarify is that I do not hate or intend to insult you or anybody here as a human being. But I HATE and want to discourage ignorance/indifference in anyway possible (which the reasons will come later).

That said, let me elaborate. I read your real-life proofs from many celebrities and your own life story. I find it fascinating that you got to work with a well known artist that you wanted to work with. I think that's great, I really do.

However, I think you are confused with two different things. Many stories you illustrated are the real-life examples of what people could achieve with positive thoughts, goal-oriented thinking, dream and hope, and determination.

Now, Henry Ford and Napoleon Hill's story is quite far fetched, considering that the term "Law of Attraction" did not even exist back then. You have to understand that "Law of Attraction" as Rhonda Bryne explains it, started around 2000. You may be mistaking "Law of Attraction" with the scientific Law of Opposite Attraction, which has been around for over centuries. One thing is quite clear and simple, the set of ideas called "Law of Attraction" did not exist until Rhonda Bryne decided to publish it. Of course, there has been many ideas and thoughts similar to "Law of Attraction," but we are strictly talking about Rhonda Bryne's ideas. Thus, when you tell me a story about Henry Ford's story of finding "Law of Attraction" in great figures, you only add doubts, as that is a deception.
Henry Ford and Napoleon Hill may have found that those 500 influential shared the common traits of visions, dreams, determination, etc., but they would never have said "Law of Attraction."

That brings me to clarify my position. I am all for the positive mindsets, dreams, goals, and determination. Those are great traits; they, indeed, can make a person great.

But I am not for Law of attraction. I don't know if you have read the book, but the book clearly states that all you need to do is to visualize something happening. When you gave me an example of Arnold Schwarzenegger's story, you said he had vision and dream of becoming a movie star in the States, and he also "WORKED HARD, TOOK A RISK." If you have The Secret around you, read it again.
It does not encourage hard working with positive mind-sets, but only tell the readers to visualize what you want. Then what you want will be miraculously attracted in the universe right to your door step.
I do not know how much Arnold Schwarzenegger was sold on Rhonda Bryne's story. The truth is, the set of ideas called Law of Attraction wasn't around when he was becoming very successful (again like in Henry Ford's case). Maybe it was after he had become famous that he read The Secret and thought the ideas were similar to the positive and goal-oriented mindset he had.

I hope this clarifies it for you. The reason that all those celebrities and you (with your book) came to success is not because of some New-age cult law made by a guru. It is because all those people and you employed the method of success that has been around for ages: dreams, hopes, goals, positive thinking, determination, and, last but not least, hard working.

Let me tell you why I hate Law of Attraction. If you have read the book, you must remember the part where Rhonda Bryne explains that bad thinking and bad visualization bring bad things as well. She says fat people are fat because they visualize themselves to be fat. Wait a minute... really?

Don't get me wrong, I both lift and play sports avidly, that I am very fit. But yes, I do have some friends who are fat. Now Rick, believing in the book The Secret and what is written in them, would you explain to your fat friends they are fat because they didn't visualize themselves to be skinny enough? Most of fat friends I have are very stressed and tormented about the fact that they are fat. They try to go to the gym, eat less, and put effort to become more fit. But for some, exercise and balanced diet do not work as well. This is not because of some visualization technique, but we have different genes manifesting our physiques in different ways. But Rhonda Bryne says they are fat because they visualize themselves (secretly want) to be fat.

I don't know about you, but I have traveled many parts of the world (I am very grateful that I am privileged to travel which cost quite sum of money). Some that I went are so called the third world countries. There you see kids who are on the brink of death, just because they are too poor to buy some food. Now, when Bryne says everything people go through is what they attracted through visualization, are you saying that these kids, who are dying of hunger, visualized themselves to starve to death?
If that's what you really believe, all I want to say would be that you are nuts.

I don't know how much power and control in life you think you have, but you must know that you are not God. No matter what cultist, book, and propaganda tell you, you and all other fellow human beings are not in control of much in this universe. Just try to visualize gravity away.

But Rhonda Bryne's tries to brainwash people to think otherwise. With thoughts like "people who are fat or poor are that way because they visualized themselves to be," people become indifferent and do not see the reason to help others who do need help. They become more and more egoistic and selfish, and estrange others.

I think the fact that this book had become a best-seller for ages and sold so many show just what our societies have become.
I hope you who are not like that.

P.S. You wrote down the fact that 10% of Americans control over 90% of wealth is a good thing. I do not remember what was a cutting point for that top 10%, but I am pretty sure my household is up there. With that said, my parents do not feel "entitled" for what they have, which many of people who believe The Secret tend to. After all you visualized yourself to be like that, so you are entitled to it, right? Wrong, rather than feeling deserved and entitled, you should feel appreciative to the society. Really, what would you do if that 90% you feel like you are above will try to overthrow the social structure or something? Rather than getting more and deserving more, you should give back more.

message 39: by Rick (last edited May 22, 2013 01:05AM) (new)

Rick Royster No problem Ryan, I do respect your views.

The reason why I say Napoleon Hill was a believer in the law of attraction is because he gave all the credit for his book to Henry Ford and Charles Haanel, who clearly uses the words "the law of attraction" in his book the master key system, which was written in 1910. Even the likes of Emerson and Carlyle use the term the law of attraction. Hill wrote a letter to Haanel thanking him and telling him his book was responsible for his success.

Now on to Rhonde Byrne, I give her credit for bringing this subject back into people's consciences, she was able to capitalize on people who would want to get rich by just thinking themselves rich for 5 minutes a day...and I think her book is just a copy(poor one at that) of earlier 20th century writers who actually had accomplished a great deal in life "before" they wrote the books.

There is also a law of vibration and others things she don't tell you about that really make these things work, but I personally believe as N. Hill did, it has to be the ultimate belief in yourself combined with desire and hard work. I've never heard one of those billionaires who believes in the law of attraction say they never failed or didn't work hard. But we do know people who bust there humps, work extremely hard, but have no real belief and never accomplish there goals because they are defeated before they start. I currently have an author friend who puts his all into his/her writing, is constantly getting better, has good books out but the belief just isn't there.

I go off and on with working out as well...2 months ago i got on a scale and was mortified that it said 257lbs. Me being 6'1, this isn't a good thing. I didn't sit in my house eating pizza wishing my self thin. I wanted fast results, so for 3 weeks with no days off I ran 4 miles a day and also hit the weights 3-4 times a week. I was down to 224lbs in less than a month. Most people will tell you its impossible to lose 32 pounds in a month, but those people don't really have a strong desire to do so. I set a goal, saw it as a reality and had a burning desire to achieve it.

As far as thinking i'm God? No. I'm not religious but I do believe in Jesus Christ. And he said "If you ask and believe then you shall receive."

Thoughts precede action- action precedes reality, therefore we can assume thought is reality. I will say this about the young and poor, am I blaming them for the injustices inflicted upon them? No. Never! But its human nature to think bad, fearful, destructive thoughts. The first time I sat in silence for ten minutes and monitored my thoughts, no matter how hard I tried, they all were negative. Just like learning a language when you are young, if you are born into poverty, with bad things constantly happening to you, then unfortunately, that will probably be your world. The great ones who make it out do so because they change their thoughts first. They refuse to be poor. Even the revolutionist like Martin Luther King start with a vision or a "dream". Then they take the subsequent action.

I do believe with the right knowledge and desire any man currently with his health and freedom can make of himself whatever he wishes.

I think the Master Key system is by far the best book written on the subject, think and grow rich and the Magic of Believing are also excellent. I would equate it to building a house...yes you have to think of the perfect blueprint...but action is required, the house isn't going to build itself.

Rhonda Byrne didn't invent the law of attraction- she's just one of many people to get rich off of it. I'm going to tell you what the secret really is...if you have been conditioned to think one way for 20-30-40 years, it's virtually impossible to reprogram your thoughts(mind) after reading a book or watching a takes hours upon hours of practice. Back to that hard work thing again...(practice.) "We talking bout practice." (Only some basketball fans will get that.)

message 40: by روح (new)

روح جسد I don't believe you sorry

Mongol Rick, how many people did something similar to Jim Carey - and failed? Out of millions doing this, by pure statistical chance one of them is bound to hit it big or win the lottery.

There's no such thing as LOA. You don't have total control over your life either - why people think this is beyond me. Zuckerberg happened to be in the right place at the right time, and he wasn't the only one with the idea. No one knew the world would go bonkers over Facebook at the time. Lots of luck there. Boor every idea like Facebook, there are plenty more that failed.

If having total control and LOA were true, vast legions of Rhonda-ites would have retired by now and we would ave heard about the phenom sweeping the globe. Oops - still waiting for that scenario....guess you can't really have it all after all.

This isn't to deny there's a benefit to positive thinking either. But that isn't what the book is about - it's about contacting the universe and placing your order. I bet the universe has a huge backlog....

Mongol Rick, your logic is really bad...thoughts precede action which precedes reality, therefore we can assume thought is reality??? How do you draw that conclusion? It makes absolutely no sense.

1 precedes 2 which precedes 3 - so can we assume 1 = 3? No. Because it doesn't.

message 43: by Rick (new)

Rick Royster #1 (thought) I want to go to the store. #2 (Action of making it happen) I get up and travel to the store #3(Reality) I'm at the store.

I can see your confusion...(Not really)

message 44: by Rick (new)

Rick Royster are right...Jesus is wrong Mark 9:23- If thou can believe, all things are possible to him that believe. Marcus Aurelius was wrong "Such as are your habitual thoughts:such will also be the character of your mind; for the soul is dyed be the color of your thoughts."

Others who are wrong and Mr. Mongol is right.

Oprah Winfrey-Will Smith- Arnold Schwarzenegger- Henry Ford- Napoleon Hill- J.P. Morgan- David Fincher- Jm Carrey- Bill Gates- Donald Trump- Jack Canfield...etc. etc. etc.

I guess all these millionaires and successful people who use the same principles who have found massive success was just lucky but give the credit to something else???

Mongol Rick, #1 wanting to go to the store, is not the same as #3 being at the store. You said we can assume thought is reality. But clearly, they are two different things. It's not me who's confused. Ask your 5 year old nephew, I'm sure he gets it.

I can imagine being with, say, Angelina Jolie all I want, but it's just not the same as the real thing now is it?

Mongol Others including those you list don't say you can just ask the universe for what you want and you'll get it. They aren't using the same principles Rick. That isn't what The Secret is about. Steve Wozniak had a vision form a computer in each house, so he read engineering manuals and the like to figure out how to get there. His vision wasn't produced by the universe, nor was Oprah's or Donald's. If it was, then yes they were just lucky to hit the universal jackpot. Is it really success if it's something the universe gives you because you sent out loving thoughts into the world? That sounds closer to luck.

And yes, luck does play a big role. Like I said, Zuckerberg for one. Gates and Wozniak came along at the right time too, at the dawn of personal computing. Luck in the timing there.

We can't all be rich and famous, otherwise rich and famous would no longer apply, it would just be normal.

Mongol Btw forgot Rick - you still need to address all those who have used similar principles and failed. For every one you list , there are many more who've tried and failed. But, don't hear about them. Survivorship bias at work here.

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Rick Royster All I can do is wish you well Mongol, if you believe you can or can't, you are right either way. I cant say what a person believes or doesn't believe, in "MY" life experiences, my success and failures have been the result of the quality of my thoughts. I'm extremely happy and successful as of now, and I'm hoping the same for you. I do think the books think and grow rich and the master key system are correct in their thinking, but that is based on "MY" personal experiences and research.

Mongol Rick, it's not about what I believe. Blanket statements like that are just meaningless tripe, and wrong.

Again - what about those who have tried and failed? For every Jim Carey who wrote himself a cheque, how many others have put $1,000,000 on their refrigerator or vision board - and are still waiting?

You may have had better success congruent with the quality of your thoughts, but that does not mean better thought created your success. It may have helped create the drive and attitude, and sure a positive attitude is better and I don't think anyone disputes that. But that is not a guarantee of success in itself, and there are other factors involved, including luck. The point being there is no foolproof system or school of thought or Master Key to success.

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Rick Royster Belief "AND" a persistent determination is a key to success... If Edison said I believed but I tried 9,999 times and the light bulb didn't work, who would be to blame? All I know is someone who says I can't be a millionaire, I can't be a professional athlete, I can't go to college...those people are 100% self fulfilling prophets. "Do as Thou wilt" my friend.

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