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The Host by Stephenie Meyer
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May 24, 2008

liked it
bookshelves: dystopia-fiesta
Recommended to T.J. by: my mum
Recommended for: people who liked animorphs, bored people this summer, aliens
Read in July, 2008

Stephenie Meyer's book is a great summer read, a page turner that keeps you guessing with what is, essentially, a grown up version of the Animorphs franchise. (K.A. Applegate might want to consider getting some legal representation)

The human race has been conquered, somewhat unoriginally, by parasitic, worm-like creatures that attach themselves to your brain, ending the human conscious host's control, and instead making them mere puppets for these hosts, who call themselves souls. (I kept calling them "Yeerks." What can I say, childhood books leave long lasting memories). Unlike Applegate's nefarious Yeerks, these souls are altruistic and naive and try to do "what's best" for their hosts. On some levels, they're like that goodnatured, Jesus loving Republican lady you know who holds bake sales for the troops and legitimately hopes that George W. Bush's plans will make the world safer. Like that bake sale lady, they're terribly unaware of the negative impacts of their actions, namely, the enslavement of humanity (which, like Iraq, is somewhat displeased by continued occupation).

Enter Wanderer, a sympathetic, tough-as-nails soul who has lived through eight lives on differing planets, but never foudn a home. She's come to possess Melanie Stryder, a tough as nails human resistance fighter, who to Wanderer's growing horror, doesn't vanish like most hosts. She stays aware, and fights her every step of the way. Worse still, Wanderer grows emotionally attached to Melanie's former life, and struggles with the implications of her invasion.

The whole plot starts promisingly, but becomes hopeless intertwined, like Wanderer and Melanie themselves, into a plot hinging on love and slightly cheesy principles of affection and redemption. (I don't find redemption cheesy, I just find it a bit clumsily executed here.) Melanie (and unwillingly Wanderer) is in love with Jared, another human resistance fighter, and this transformative love changes both creatures for both better and worse. The world created by The Host is interesting and intriguing, although not breathtakingly original, and I greatly enjoyed the book, although eventually it hods about as much weight as any other summer read.

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