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Cowboy Courage by Stormy Glenn
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The only reason I'm writing anything about this book is because this is the first time I'm going to say something bad about a Stormy Glenn book (gasp!). As amazing as this book is and as happy as I am to read a book that looked at the BDSM lifestyle and the relationship between a Dom and sub from both sides of the relationship and one that does it so well, I had one major problem with the book.

Brody kept repeatedly calling Neason "love." Like every time he talked to him he said "love." And after a while it just got annoying.

Other than that one tiny thing, this book was great. The push and pull of Brody and Neason's relationship, their misunderstandings because neither of them wanted to take the risk and just put it all out there for the other one to see made this story very believable. I loved Brody's assertive, Dom behavior and even Neason's struggle with accepting his submissive personality made this story not only believable but enjoyable as well.

And of course as we know "The Epilogue Whore" is never satisfied at the end of a Stormy Glenn book because I always want more and this time was no exception.

Then again, I'm a "Stormy Glenn whore" as well.

This was truly an enjoyable read for me.

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