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What Would Jane Austen Do? by Laurie Brown
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Oct 28, 2011

really liked it
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Read from October 28 to November 02, 2011


Meet Eleanor, modern day woman somewhat tricked by meddling ghosts into accepting a mission to prevent a deadly duel in the past. What she finds there is so much more however.

Meet Shermont, sexy Lord who spends his days tying to uncover traitors to the crown and he thinks this new American woman may just be such a person.

To fulfill her mission and get home Eleanor must get up close and personal with Shermont to keep him from engaging in the duel, but with no knowledge of the period except from her Austen novels Eleanor finds herself a bit out of sorts. The only thing for a girl to do is wonder: What would Jane Austen Do?

I have to say that this was a very funny story. You meet some very interesting people and even get in a few laughs or so.

There is also some mystery to the story as Shermont is trying to figure out what he is looking for and even, who he is really. It really is interesting to watch him grow close to Eleanor and at the same time questioning himself and her at every turn. It is also interesting that Eleanor things it is weird and doesn't like the way that Shermont runs hot and cold with her.

Now comes a few problems I have with the story.

The first is the ghosts. I am all for the idea of ghosts, but they seem a bit strange. For some reason they also appear to have the power to see into the future, which is strange in itself because when you meet the women in real life they don't appear to have such power. It didn't make too much sense to me.

Also, the whole time travel thing. I'm all for a good time travel novel, enjoy them actually, but there are rules to time traveling that one must abide by. Anything that happens in the past has direct consequence to the future. Also, you must return to the same point in which you left, otherwise you could run into yourself or change other results. Also, if you never go back in time to begin with and change what you change, then the past won't change and the future will return to how it was before you changed it.

Basically, there are strict rules to time travel and I feel like this book ignored a couple of them to reach the happy ending at a certain point.

Other than that I enjoyed the book and can't wait until I decide to read it again.

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