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A Dark Lure by Loreth Anne White
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I wanted to read a mystery book for a long time and my kindle suggested me this. Hence I bought the book and was on the read. After reading this one, I had quite a lot of mixed opinions about it. The narration was absolutely amazing, I loved the way author was narrating the scenes. The descriptions were apt and to the perfection.

Somehow Internally I felt there were two completely independent stories going on in the book until the very climax. There were a lot of diversions and distractions that would've driven you away from the main story. That actually hampered the reading experience for sure.

Somehow I felt it wasn't that good and that it could've been. Like during the whole book I was waiting for some action, something to happen but nothing as such happened. It was overall a slow paced and not-so-exciting story line.

The most I can say, I actually skimmed through the last chapters like from 16-17 as it was totally filling up. I feel if someone just reads a few chapters from starting and directly read the ending chapters from 20, they could know the story without actually missing on some stuff.

Yes the parts I loved where they mystery how the characters' lives were intertwined. There was one moment where I felt 'Oh yes, that's something interesting' rest went at very cold reaction. Nothing new, no major twists, nothing as such a 'wow' factor.

It felt way too draggy and went to boring when I had been reading in the middle. Like irrelevant parts were just added to fill up the space. Somehow I feel it could've been much useful if there had been some connection to the original plot.

Due to all of this I mentioned about me having mixed opinions. It was a decent read, I had expected much when the story had begun but it kinda disappointed me as it went on going cliched at the end where even the last scene where that could've been some awesome mystery or action, but there was nothing.

Narration, description and way of writing with the vocabulary, plot were the strong points whereas the Story actually, the mixing of characters and their relations, draggy nature of story, Not many exciting scenes in the story were weak points.

After reading it, it leaves you with the feeling of incompleteness, it could've been way better but isn't bad at all totally. Lands somewhere in okay zone for me.

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