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Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman
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May 23, 2008

it was ok
bookshelves: 2008
Read in May, 2008

As a rule, I don't read chicklit, self-help books or fad diet books of any type. In fact, everything about this book looked like something I normally avoid: scribble of waifish attitude-ridden fashionista on cover. Use of the word "bitch" (coincides with the "I love my attitude" crowd), emphasis on thinspiration, etc. But the blurb on the back cover caught my eye, so I picked it up from the library.

The first chapter or two I thought "Wow. This book is kicking my ass." It tears you right down and tells you why a lot of the stuff you put in your body is garbage and why you shouldn't eat it. This makes a lot of sense when it comes to the usual suspects: smoking, gratuitous alcohol, refined sugar, soda, etc. Maybe it was a bit overkill, but it made sense to me.

In the following chapters it became apparent that the book is PETA propaganda thinly disguised as chicklit-esque no-nonsense diet advice. In fact, the first website I noted in the book was for a PETA site. The majority of the book tries to force you over to the vegan side, with horrible information on why animal products are foul and cruel. Most of their extreme arguments have a middle ground counterpoint, and so instead of seeming sensible, it became stupidly extreme.

Factory farming practices are disgusting and cruel? Buy products from your local farmers market where applicable.

Cut pretty much everything out of your diet and I suppose you will become skinny. Or if you are a happy omnivore, you could just eat sensibly, supplement your diet with animals products as opposed to having your diet revolve around them, and not be so sizeist. Either way.

I guess when it comes right down to it, I want to be a healthy bitch, not a skinny one.

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