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Event by David Lynn Golemon
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Oct 27, 2011

it was ok
bookshelves: fantasy

Oooooookkkkkkaaaayyyyy... here's another one I feel I need to be careful and diplomatic with. It was recommended to me by a friend who obviously likes it a lot. I'm not a fan of this one and I find (sometimes) that in cases where I'm not a fan I can be less than, as I said diplomatic.

So, here goes. I can see why some might like the book.It's got a bit of action and lays out a nice (what I'd call) semi-invasion story. And I'd recommend that if you're into action or modern fantasy books (I side stepped the phrase "urban fantasy" as that might be a little misleading as it's closer to a sort of science fiction/fantasy), then try this one yourself and see what you think.

Okay, there's the molasses...now for the sulfur. I got into the book early and despite some what I called "quibbles" I thought it might shape up to be a pretty good story. Unfortunately it lost me...or lost my interest. You'll find a lot that's familiar here. A super secret government agency (established by Abe Lincoln no less) tracking, recording and collecting "Events" from Earth's past present (and future)...Noah's Arc or Amelia Earhart for example (and of course let's not forget Roswell...really you'll need it). Then there's the EVIL industrialist/weapons maker/super patriot...du-du-DU! There's the mercenary/s evil of course on spec and then when a mercenary won't stay bought!!!!! Of course let us not forget the aliens, both evil and nice.... Need I go on?

As for the book itself, there are many ways to write a book, many literary devices, several points of view. The book can be told from first person, third person...telepathic transmission, whatever. This one is told from third person...omniscient story teller mode in other words. That's okay. It can be a very effective way to tell a story. Here the writer chose to...well, jump around from point of view to point of view. Again this isn't an unusual device. This character sees part of the story another sees another part and so on. The problem here is (in my opinion) that along with being a little disjointed some of the view points were,superfluous.

I would find myself getting interested in the plot/storyline and then we'd shift. I've had this happen before. A book is told from several points of view and I'm really only interested in one. That's the way it was here, only more so. I finally just lost interest in the story altogether. I suppose I could list points of view...but that would probably do to my review what reading the points of view did to to the book. We even had what I came to think of as the "victim viewpoint". There'd be a chapter and we'd meet someone who (view spoiler).

I finally resorted to my old standby and skimmed my way to the end. I knew by about page 100 I was struggling (as when I put the book down I really wasn't dying to get back to it). By page 150 the die was cast. (We'd started the book with an "Event" and now we picked up the "events" from the past...FLASHBACK along with viewpoint change!!!! GREAT!)

So, if you like this one, I'm happy for you. If you don't know, maybe try it for yourself. As for me it's a bit of a "been there read that" and I really didn't care for it. Sorry.

Two stars.
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message 1: by Lisa (new) - added it

Lisa The prologue was enough for me to realize that this author's way of doing things was not for me :(

message 2: by Abhisek (new)

Abhisek Dash I came here looking for more books like Pendergast. Some forum post pointed me this way. Can you suggest any?

message 3: by Abhisek (new)

Abhisek Dash Need more of A. X. L. Pendergast...

Mike (the Paladin) Not really. I think I see what you mean. Pendergast is a protagonist that works but could have failed. He comes so close to being a "Gary St" type of hero but somehow the way he's written he doesn't come off that way (though the last few were a bit much, LOL).

I can't think of another like him. I mean there are great strong leads out there like Harry Dresden or Alex Verus but they're not really like Pendergast. I'll think about it...

message 5: by Abhisek (new)

Abhisek Dash Alex Verus. Hmm. I'll take a look at that...

Mike (the Paladin) First book is Fated.

Tim The Enchanter Too bad. I did really like this one and this series overall.

Mike (the Paladin) It's a matter of taste. Somehow it just hit me "crosswise" and never got into it at all. There are books here I love and it always leaves me wondering when people hate them. Just a matter of what we all like.

Tim The Enchanter For sure. It seems to me that you didn't care for James Rollins or Matthew Reilly either. If you don't like them you won't like Golemon.

message 10: by Abhisek (new)

Abhisek Dash Starting Rollins now, Order of Sanguines first. On recommendation of a friend...

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