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More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera
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well, that was... a little underwhelming???

content warnings for: suicide, self-harm, heavy violence (lots of fights + MC beaten up for being gay), death of parent, abusive parent, homophobia, ableism, fag used as slur

More Happy Than Not was my first Adam Silvera novel and I was keen on finding out what all the hype is about! I follow Adam on twitter and he‘s an adorable lil bean :’)

this book is about Aaron, a Puerto Rican gay kid, who lives in very poor circumstances and in an area where homosexuality is NOT accepted. there is an institute that can erase and alter people’s memories and Aaron wants to go through with the procedure to erase his sexuality and become straight.

I loved Aaron so much omg my precious son who hates himself and wants to change his memories and become straight because he thinks everything will be easier :( ily baby you don’t need to be ashamed of who you are :( my precious gay son. I WANNA PROTECC!

what i also really liked was Adam Silvera’s writing style. it was so easy to read through the book and you don’t even realise how time passes because he captures your attention and guides you through this book. the pacing is great and it all flows very naturally.

buuuuut there were a few things that bothered me and that i disliked:
- the constant use of “no homo” between aaron’s friends whenever they even got remotely close or touched or talked about their feelings was SO ANNOYING. STOP.
- they also used fag as a slur multiple times
- one character was very aggressive and always picked fights and his nickname was Me-Crazy. I just.. didn’t like that at all
- speaking of aaron’s friends... they were so POINTLESS??? i don’t even remember any of their names ngl. they weren’t very distinguishable but rather one-dimensional. their only purpose was to make adam feel like shit and beat him up GOOD JOB YOU DID THAT AND THAT LEAD TO ADAM HATING HIMSELF
- i’m so sad he lives in such a bad environment and has no real support system in his circle of friends and no acceptance :( ily baby :(

also, i have to admit that it was kinda hard to get into the story because I didn’t really know where the story was going. the first 100 pages were more of an introduction and a build-up to what‘s going to happen in the middle part, and it didn’t provide any other purpose than that.

But as we GOT to the middle part, it got preeeetttttyyyy exciting and I found myself not being able to look away and turning the pages without blinking. things definitely took an interesting turn. I WAS SO INVESTED and how everything unraveled had me SHAKING IN MY BOOTS.

the story had so much potential and I found myself enjoying it a lot more during the middle part... until the ending. that ending was so UNDERWHELMING.

like I was expecting something else entirely and I was so READY for the spectacular and brilliant end of the story but..... we got nothing.

this might be spoilery so skip this little paragraph, but I wanted a more hopeful ending?? it could have been so GOOD and cathartic and fulfilling and uplifting and hopeful BUT IT WASN’T. i’m so upset don’t @ me.

can you believe even the cold-hearted mayonnaise CRIED during this book???? MAY?? CRYING???? that only happens once in a lifetime it’s like seeing a shooting star and making a wish. but I honestly could not relate?? WHY DID YOU CRY MAY??? IT WASN’T EMOTIONAL AT ALL.

i really like Adam Silvera’s writing style and his characterisations but ultimately, i was let down by this book #sorrynotsorry

3 stars i’m sorry Adam you’re still precious and ily
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may ➹ I DID NOT CRY. i teared up. there is a difference. and listen, i don't judge you for crying over harry, you don't judge me over this

Jackie i’m not judging, i was just wondering!

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