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Death's Hand by S.M. Reine
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Oct 27, 2011

really liked it
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Death’s Hand is the first in a new series featuring Elise Kavanagh and James Faulkner who are bound together as Kopis & Aspis , that’s Greek for sword and shield, Elise being the warrior and James being her protector. Its been that way for many years, ever since James found Elise practically dead under suspicious circumstances when she was a teen. Together they took on demons and all manner of hell spawn, banishing them back to where they came from for Elise was also an exorcist. After one particularly bad incident that nearly claimed Elise’s life they both decided to retire from the business and set about living their separate lives . . . . . That is until James asks Elise to investigate the possible possession of an acquaintance’s child and in doing so they open a whole can of worms that everyone will be wishing has stayed shut.

I’ll start of by saying that if you’re looking for a nice, sweet, romantic urban fantasy then look elsewhere! This book is gritty, scary and gruesome and full of things that would give you nightmares if you experienced just a fraction of what the main characters had gone through. Elise reminded me of a female Constantine (as in the Keanu Reeves character from the movie of the same name) a capable warrior & exorcist who just wants to get on with her new life as an accountant and forgetting all about anything to do with hell but is thrust into a power play of magnificent proportions. She is equipped with ‘gifts’ that came with her warrior status and both of them have joint abilities through the bond they have. She isn’t your standard UF heroine, she isn’t everyone’s friend, she doesn’t have all the hot men after her and she doesn’t have an unlimited income. What she is, is a genuine kick ass heroine, what she has been through has defined her and she doesn’t let people in easily. Her ‘shield’ is the only person in the world she trusts and would do anything for. Their relationship can’t be defined easily either leaving lots of questions needing answers. James could also be a very deep character and I feel we have a lot to learn about him especially from his ‘witch’ and ‘leader of a coven’ status and hope that gets explored in the books to follow.

The world that’s been created is quite complex but not confusing and we’re only just getting a glimpse of the possibilities of this series. The exorcism quotes alone must have taken some research but it is really intriguing and imaginative, leaving me with lots of questions but definitely wanting more . . . this is my kind of book and I will definitely be looking out for future books in this series and author
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