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Twilight of the Dead by Travis Adkins
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Oct 26, 2011

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bookshelves: i-walked-with-a-zombie-rawr, fiction
Read from October 25 to 26, 2011

This is a book about zombies. It's about a time a few years after the zombie outbreak when people have either been eaten and turned into zombies or they have found safe places to live. The characters in this book live in some gated community / country club sort of thing in a hoity part of Rhode Island, which I'm guessing is right across the street from where Karen lived, because Rhode Island is so small everything is right across the street from everything else.

The main character is a pre-zombie outbreak popular girl who is now a sullen and gothy trained zombie killing machine. She was trained soon after the zombie shit went down, and when she goes off to fight zombies she wears a skintight wetsuit, for it's practicality in fighting and probably because it's hot thinking of a sullen gothy girl killing zombies in a badass way while wearing super-tight clothing. Sort of like a zombie killing version of Catwoman or something.

A stranger appears in their little slice of paradise in the middle of Rhode Island with the story that he has discovered the cure to zombie-itis, and he needs help getting back to his boat to retrieve it. Why this is a story is beyond me, it's freaking Rhode Island, the boat has to be across the street, right? But, apparently it's in a far corner of Rhode Island and The Teenage Zombies Killing Army set out with the good Doctor to retrieve the cure and bring it back to Karen's house.

But, things go wrong! Horribly wrong! As you know it would, because it's a fucking horror novel.

It's kind of a fun read, it's a little clunky at times and I think that the author has a bit too much of a crush on his main character, and some of the fighting stuff is a little too much like a comic book, but it's a zombie novel and it's fun. My one real problem with the book is in one of the parts that serves as a manual for how to fight zombies. The closed guard in jiu -jitsu is recommended for controlling zombies. The author has some good points, about controlling the posture and all of that, but putting a zombie in your closed guard might ruin his posture and make it difficult for him to get up or move into a better position or whatever, but zombies aren't looking to improve their position, they aren't looking to pass to side-control and work a submission, they are looking to eat you and in controlling them with a closed guard you're putting the zombies mouth awfully close to your chest / neck or face. Wouldn't you want to get into a position where you could more easily get out from under a zombie, instead of just trying to control the snapping monster close to you while his hungry friends move into to help make you a snack? My recommendation? A loose half-guard, with a knee in the belly/chest so you can push the zombie away and scramble back into a standing position.* (see comment 13)

I would have also made the novel more realistic by setting it in a state that is bigger than a postage stamp.

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message 1: by karen (new)

karen when i get to work, i am going to smack you.

Greg If you were in Rhode Island right now and you were at home and I was at work you could probably smack me right now. Because the state is so small.

message 3: by karen (new)

karen y0ou only read this because you thought it was a twilight-zombie mash-up. and you can't get enough of sparkles.

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

I'd go whole hours, sometimes days, when I didn't run into everyone in Rhode Island.

message 5: by karen (new)

karen are you my neighbor?

Greg They never said where they work. I've heard there are two businesses, the Foxy Lady and an ice cream place called Newport Creamery where Karen worked.

Greg Isn't the breakroom of Foxy Lady in Connecticut?

message 8: by karen (new)

karen silly silly boys. there is also jai alai!

Joshua Nomen-Mutatio Foxy Lady Creamery. TWSS.

message 10: by Greg (new) - rated it 3 stars

Greg Opps, I was mistaken. I'd remembered the book as giving a closed guard as zombie defense, but it was actually an open guard that transitioned into this position where you get up on your shoulders and hold the zombie away from you by planting your knees in the zombies chest and maintaining wrist control. That is a wiser move than holding a zombie in your closed guard, but depending on the zombies strength it leaves you at a risk of getting stacked if the zombie is able to keep moving forward and when you go to sweep the zombie you'd have to lower your legs, which I assume would send the zombie barreling towards you because he's a mindless eating machine that has been pushing forward the whole time and the time it takes to reset your legs on the ground to effectively do the sweep diagramed in the book would allow the zombie to fall on top of you since you are only maintaining wrist control at this point. Also being up on your shoulders (besides opening you up to getting stacked by the undead) isn't the most stable position. I think my own suggestion above is a little weak, too. I've spent more time thinking about jiu-jitsu versus the undead and I think some kind of butterfly guard would be best.

message 11: by karen (new)

karen jesus christ...

message 12: by Greg (new) - rated it 3 stars

Greg I just don't want to be held responsible for misrepresenting the book, or getting anyone killed during a zombie outbreak because they took bad fighting advice.

message 13: by Greg (new) - rated it 3 stars

Greg Good point, they wouldn't feel the pain, and if anything if you broke their arm or tore ligaments it would just make it harder to control the zombie if you happened to be grappling with one. These moves are just to control the zombie and get out from under one if you happen to find yourself with zombie on top of you.

message 14: by Greg (new) - rated it 3 stars

Greg I just want us all to be safe when the dead start walking the earth.

message 15: by karen (new)

karen pfff - you probably thought betsey johnson was a zombie...

message 16: by Greg (new) - rated it 3 stars

Greg She did look like some kind of ghoul.

message 17: by Jen (new)

Jen Betsey Johnson looked a little like Mary Kay Ash to me, without a poodle with painted toenails.

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