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Clouded by Envy by Candace Robinson
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I received an ARC of this book from the author, Candace Robinson, in exchange for an honest review. Thank you so much!


Content Warning: Death, Murder, Explicit Sex Scenes

”But the cravings will darken your soul--your heart--more than the envy already has. It will all be insatiable--do you accept this?”

BLURB: A green feeling. A bargain. A massive price to pay. Dracula meets The Picture of Dorian Grey in this creative and insatiable tale of two otherworldly creatures that find themselves in a world of humans and pavement.

I’ll say this right away, I don’t typically read New Adult books. I’ve read a few, here and there, but tend to not care so much for their content because they focus a lot on relational...aspects...between characters. Clouded By Envy also includes this aspect. However, I prepared myself going into this read that it would be there. While reading, I simply passed over those parts. They just aren’t my thing. I was elated that this aspect ended up being far from the main focus! Clouded By Envy took me totally by surprise. This book was so inventive. I’ve read several books by this author now, and I must say, I’m amazed each time at how versatile her writing is! Not only does she create new fantasy beings and creatures, she paints a new world, AND brings forth characters with so much of depth!

The story focuses around two peculiar characters. Siblings, Bray and Brenik are creatures known as bats. But they are not like the bats that come to mind--they are fae. Originating from a world known as Laith, the siblings narrowly escape a harrowing existence in their world, and are transported by the Stone of Desire to Earth. The stone grants their wish to pass, along with Bray to have the ability to shift into human form, unlike her brother, who is stuck in his bat-form. After living in secrecy for years, Brenik becomes tired of being “second” to his sister. A deep jealousy that has existed since their youth drives Brenik to seek the Stone of Desire again, so that he may for the ability to also change into a human.
”Brenik, there is a darkness and jealousy in you which has to stop now. I know you love your sister, but the envy needs to cease, or it will destroy everything that is a part of you.”

When Brenik persuades the stone to grant his wish, the stone does, but it calls for a sacrifice. Brenik will forevermore lust after human blood in order to remain in his eternally youthful human form. And lust, he does.

The overall theme of envy and jealousy makes this book such a powerful read! Jealousy snowballs into envy which snowballs into lust which only ends up badly. It shows how envy and coveting only lead to destruction of oneself and to those around. I could babble about this book all day and still have things to talk about! If you look for books with loads of meaning, here’s one for you!

Vulgarity: Some.
Sexual content: Quite a bit, including explicit scenes. (This is the only reason why this book wasn't a full five stars for me.)
Violence: Moderate.

My Rating ★★★★

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Quotes Sheila Liked

Candace Robinson
“Regrets are unacceptable, and a reversal of your decision is impossible because your desire today overpowers any future wishes.”
Candace Robinson, Clouded by Envy

Candace Robinson
“The envy needs to cease, or it will destroy everything that is a part of you.”
Candace Robinson, Clouded by Envy

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