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The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
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Oct 25, 2011

it was ok

** spoiler alert ** I understand that in some stories, you want your reader to be able to figure out some of the plot nuances on their own along the way, but for me, the author left TOO MUCH of the story unexplained. I loved the way the story was pieced together in different timeframes, but then once I reached the climax I felt like the descent toward the end of the story was hurried and details became sparse. I'm still not sure that I fully understand how the story ended, because I still have many concerns and unanswered questions. In fact, the more I think about the story, the less I like it.

1. How can Bailey 'control' the circus if he doesn't know any magic?
2. Why do Hector Bowen and Mr. A. H----- need to continuously pit people against each other in a 'challenge'? Who ARE they? Why are they here?
3. Why doesn't Mr. A. H----- get to have a real name(or, better, why don't we get to know what it is)? This doesn't make him more mysterious, it just annoys me. Who IS he? As I read, I kept thinking that eventually we were going to be told his true identity or his real name or something. I thought it was going to be part of the ending.
4. Why was Herr Theissen murdered? And why was he murdered by Chandresh, of all people?
5. I don't understand how Tsukiko 'interfered' to draw out a conclusion to the challenge, or why Isobel was involved.
6. I felt blindsided by the revelation that Tsukiko was involved in a previous challenge, and it made me feel like it didn't really belong in the story.
7. What happens NOW? (Especially to Marco & Celia) This is not clear, or even promising.
8. It is referenced several times that Mr. A. H----- doesn't have a shadow. If the author never bothers to tell us why, then why does it even matter that he doesn't have one?
9. How--in such a short time--could Isobel have become powerful enough to cause such disastrous effects once she revoked it?
10. The love story between Marco & Celia is very shallow. She could've done SO much more with this.
11. I felt like the story was all imagery and no substance.

It's beautifully written. It just doesn't make any sense.

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