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it was amazing
bookshelves: young-adult, paranormal, romance, 2008
Recommended for: Everybody... ok, Twilight fans.

** spoiler alert ** I'm not sure I can write a very cohesive review for this, so I'm just going to mention some of my major thoughts and go from there.

Some of my favorite parts:

The title. It makes such beautiful, perfect sense now, that any worries I had about the final result of the Edward/Jacob question seem so silly! Way to come up with a perfectly suitable title with perfect imagery. :D

Asshattery. Good grief, but there was a lot of jerky behavior in this one, and most of it was coming from Jacob. He ticked me off so badly in this one that while I felt sympathy for his situation, and understanding of his position, he lost a lot of respect from me by the way he treated Bella. From practically assaulting her with unwanted kisses, to barely even seeming to CARE that she BROKE HER HAND on his thick skull (jaw) trying to fend him off, to his constant immature belittlement of Edward/the Cullens even though he knew how much it bothered Bella... ARRRGH. Edward is SO MUCH MORE MATURE. Edward was willing to put forth the tiny bit of effort it took to start calling Jacob by his name, and TRY to treat him with greater courtesy for Bella's sake, whereas it took Jake forever to do so. I DO understand where Jake is coming from - what he is trying to make Bella see, so that she realizes she has another option for a loving, happy, mortal life - but I just think he is going about it in a very wrong way. (Even though he DID get through to her in the end.)

The scene in the tent. LOVVVVED this scene. It was kind of amusing that Bella had to be drifting off through it, or we wouldn't have gotten the scene at all (i.e. if Bella isn't awake for it, we can't know about it since the book is from her POV). This scene was GENIUS. I was so happy to see Edward and Jacob finally open up to each other and give some real answers, really communicate; also it was fascinating hearing Edward wax poetic on the exquisite torture he felt watching Jacob keep Bella warm, something he physically isn't capable of doing - or in fact, the torture he felt anytime Bella was with Jacob, even though he refused to show it in order to spare Bella pain. I loved that by the end, they really did understand each other a little better. Edward realizes that Jacob really isn't that bad of a guy, and Jacob does realize that Edward truly loves Bella. What really cemented my love for Edward over the "pushy, obnoxious dog" was the close to this scene (I'm paraphrasing here):

Edward: "You know, if we weren't natural enemies, and you weren't trying to steal the core of my existence, I might actually like you."
Jacob: "Yeah... if you weren't a disgusting vampire, and weren't trying to suck the life out of the girl I love... nahh, not even then."

AUUUUGH. It's so much nobler that Edward is willing to give Jake SOME credit, really try and look for some redeeming qualities, for Bella's sake. Immature, arrogant obnoxious dog. :p I love the line somewhere in there about "May the best MAN win." "That's exactly right, pup." Hahaha.

All in all I do think it's really important that Jacob does finally make his point - Bella IS in love with him. And she SHOULD have all the information so she can make an informed decision about her mortality. I'm just darn glad she knows IMMEDIATELY that although she is in love with Jacob, she is still deeper in love with Edward. *whew*

The whole scene after that, with Bella laying on the sleeping bag in the tent waiting for the avalanche to relieve her guilt over her feelings for Jacob, and then Edward's complete forgiveness (he even describes it as a consequence he has to accept for having left Bella earlier)... that whole section broke my heart and then sewed it back together again. I was so worried about how Bella's revelation about Jacob would be received by Edward that I actually cried in relief a little when he said "I'm not mad at you, love." *swoooooooooooon* That is one noble, completely mature and smitten vampire. *lol*

...I think these are probably some of the most angst-filled books I've ever read, and I don't even care!

Anyway, this book definitely tears things up emotionally but the resolution is sooooo worth it. Rosalie's and Jasper's stories are intriguing and sad, and I loved seeing them (especially Rosalie) make the effort to open up to Bella. She is most definitely part of the family already, vampire or not.

Other tidbits... I think Bella's request is perfectly legit, but I'm all proud of Edward for protecting his virtue. Hahahaha. What a great twist on the whole thing. Book four should certainly be interesting. *smirk* And... and... Edward giving Bella his mother's ring and finding out that it fits her perfectly... and his glorious, glowing joy... so great!

Oh, one more bit of asshattery, mostly redeemed: Charlie was being a jerkface for a lot of this book. I know he is incredibly furious at Edward for nearly destroying Bella by leaving - but then again, Edward did it because he actually thought it would be better for her, and tried to give her the option of not being with him. It's an option she just absolutely doesn't want. I couldn't believe how downright rude Charlie was being, though. Still, he mostly redeemed himself to me by being perceptive enough to realize that Bella is probably going to "leave," and by not standing in her way because he knows it is her choice. I'm glad he's being nicer to Edward now.

Aaaaaand... the whole imprinting thing is interesting. I really, REALLY hope Jacob imprints on someone, because I hate to think of him not having ANYONE since Bella has chosen Edward. The whole thing about Quil imprinting on a two-year-old was kind of hilarious. Oh, and Leah? Kinda snotty. But a good twist, to have a female werewolf.

Finally, jeez - in the end Bella saved her own life by insisting that Edward stay with her. Whee! The fight scenes were great, especially Edward just SIGHing at Bella in exasperation when he sees she's about to off herself to try and save him and Seth, and Jasper trying to "make sure Alice didn't have anything to do." Heh. Noble vampire boys.

I am soooooo looking forward to book 4. Please don't let me down, Stephenie Meyer! I am trusting you to get Bella properly wedded, bedded and bitten in this next book. XD

(...I think this HAS to be the longest GoodReads review I've ever written. Congrats to anyone who made it this far.)
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Kathleen Your review has gotten me soooo excited about starting on this book. I'm gonna start it now!

s-hastings I soooo totally agree with, u! Team Edward 4ever! I also saw that u like Percy Jackson. Its like, my fav book sereis (u know, next 2 Twilight). haha

Team Edward 4ever and a Half-God Soulmate,
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