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Collision Course by K.A. Mitchell
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Oct 25, 2011

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In Diving in Deep we met Noah's ex-boyfriend, Joey Miller. Joey has had many boyfriends, but has yet to find "the one". At the scene of an accident, Joey meets paramedic, Aaron Benjamin Chase. Aaron thinks Joey is adorable, but is immediately turned off by the fact that Joey works for social services. As a teenager, Aaron grew up protecting his siblings from social services when his mom ran away.

In Diving in Deep we also met Cameron, Noah's long-time love interest, and total douche. Yes, I said it - read my other review, Cam was an arrogant prick. I had to laugh because in this book, KAM sticks to the same caricature of the alpha male with Aaron, but at least she calls a spade a spade.

"The guy was an arrogant prick" p.59

"Are you always this much of an arrogant prick?" p.73

Joey has some relationship issues - he has been in love 10 times with ex-boyfriends to prove it. He typically sticks to the same M.O. - move in quick and leave even quicker. With Aaron, though, Joey needs to "change the script" if he wants this to last.

Aaron has had a very difficult youth, and raising siblings while fending off social services has made him a hard and distrustful in nature. The last thing he expects is for Joey to worm his way into his life and his heart.

I am actually not 100% sure if I liked Joey. He was sweet and open, but he had an admittedly manipulative nature. I like the way he always seems optimistic, but he also tends to psychoanalyze a little too much due to his job as a counselor. I will say that he seemed to make a Herculean effort to change that when it came to dealing with Aaron but there were definitely times when he couldn't help himself.

"Oh shit. Joey had dragged him on a date. Aaron was on a fucking date."

This book was cooked up with the same ingredients as Diving in Deep:
• One happy-go-lucky guy chasing after his man
• One rude, arrogant, Alpha male prick who doesn't recognize love when it slaps him in the face
• Meet to Sex in less than 60 seconds (okay, more like a day)
• D/s theme
• Issues with one of the MC's occupation

I did enjoy reading these books even though the plots are not very robust. They still ultimately give me the HEA that I like to see.
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