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Necropolis Rising by Dave Jeffery
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Oct 25, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: horror

When two members of the Animal Activist League blow up the penthouse apartment of Dr James Whittington, they believe they’re striking a blow against a notorious vivisectionist. What they don’t realise is that Whittington is actually working on a gas which creates zombies and he’s just got a whiff of it - and their explosion is going to introduce the toxin to the good citizens of Birmingham. Once the action kicks off, the book takes in a crack squad of cyber-criminals, military officials determined to wipe England’s second city off the face of the earth and plenty of zombies (including marauding football fans) and barely pauses for breath. Jeffery writes in a brisk, easy style and is a dab hand at action scenes (of which there are several), throwing in some nice exchanges (especially between O’Connell, who’s leading the criminals and his gang) and some good gore set pieces. All in all, this is a solid novella that’s a real hark back to the pulpy, gory-glory of the Seventies (you could imagine James Herbert tackling this after “The Fog”) and it makes no apologies for that. If you like your horror as a straight-forward rollercoaster ride that’s a great deal of fun, this is the book for you and as such, I’d very much recommend it.

I should, however, add the caveat that the print edition has a fair sprinkling of typoes, which can get distracting at times.
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