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Here There Be Dragons by Daniel Mitton
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it was amazing

Panthers, bears and dragons ..oh my! Lol. Wow were there some surprises in this book. Sneaky little surprises. But good ones for sure. I enjoyed this book thoroughly. And I like that it felt that you know there is going to be another book, but you weren't really cliffhangered. I hate that! But this wasn't, and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing where this road takes you further.

Just when Adam thinks life has settled down somewhat, he gets a message summoning him to Capital City to meet the King. He has no clue what he is being paged for but somehow gets the feeling it may not be good. Especially considering it's speaking of grave importance. Along this journey, they feel they need more allies and begin to gather who they feel will be important. When they meet the King, Adam knows immediately something is not right. This mission of dealing with the dragons doesn't seem all that it's supposed to be. There's information missing. And the King himself isn't in his right frame of mind. They travel to meet the dragons to find out what is really going on and are in for the surprise of their lives. Adam and Rafe especially. But each person on that trip now has a different destiny than they knew and the story they were told is completely false. So now they have to dig and find out why someone wants to harm dragons and who's really behind what's going on. There are betrayals, new discoveries and new friends and now more than ever things need to change to make it better for the world.

Well our ‘bears’ are back and life seems to be going well. Except for having to hear Georgie squeak during sex. Lol! But it's payback for all Adam and Rafe do to others. I was definitely happy to see these two back. They are as goofy as before. Snarky and fun and full of laughs. The world seems to be brighter now that the threat is gone. Until they get the message that Adam’s presence is requested by the King. It's something only he can do and of grave importance. What I love in this book is how much each of the cast of characters has grown up. Several are getting mated, some are learning new jobs where they feel like they belong, and for Adam and Rafe….lol does life get interesting for them. (And I'm not telling you! It's a surprise, but an awesome surprise.) Even their adopted son Billy, now has someone that he knows is going to be important to his life. For being only 8, he isn't sure how, but he knows it's like nothing he's ever known in his short life. I love too, that even though this mission they are on leads to some tragedies and heartbreak, it brings about a unity that has been needed for a long time. Dragons were all thought to be a myth anymore, and seeing their whole world was a shock to the system. Adam and Rafe and their friends knew these guys needed to be protected. Although the dragons do a good job of protecting themselves, having allies helps. Especially when contacts help to learn information that is needed to keep assholes away.

There were so many different facets to love in this book. The sex is always fun and good, but it's more than that. The relationships and bonds that are created make the most fun. These guys don't live on ceremony. They are snarky, sarcastic and fun loving. But at their hearts, they are loyal, loving and passionate. They protect those that are theirs with all that is in them, no matter the cost. Yes, they are 'bears’, but they are every day people in an imaginary world. It was so fun to curl up and read this book and I am looking forward to reading more from this author. I don't think you will be disappointed either. And if you haven't read book one, go get it now!!
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