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Metro 2035 by Dmitry Glukhovsky
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really liked it

I was really confused to find metro 2035 in a bookshop, since I never knew there was going to be another sequel to the series. I was even more surprized to find out that the book was focused around Artyom, the main character from the first metro book. Artyoms death in metro 2034 was retconned, and he survived the flood after all. This was really good because I actually cared about Artyom, unlike the characters of 2034.

The biggest dissapointment in the middle metro (2034) was the unbelievable amount of pseudo-psychological bullshit that was written into it. I did not care for it at all, and the lack of coherent action and storytelling ruined the book in my opinion. In this book, the ramblings were tuned back to the levels of the original book, which was good. I get that Glukhovski likes to write like that and it's fine when kept in moderation.

The plot of the book was about Artyom running from one shitty situation into another. He's in trouble, gets saved, and almost immidiately gets into more trouble. He is literally made into a slave at one point. Artyom is betrayed by almost all of the characters he interacts with in the book and that gets a little old by the end. I get that corruption is a matter close to heart in Russia, but this was a bit too much and too on the nose. Also the amount of conspiracies and mysteries and power structures on top of eachother was baffling. Artyom discovered hidden secrets one after another and nobody would believe him at any point, so he seemed like a raving lunatic to the people of the metro.

Maybe the biggest dissapointment in the book was the complete abandonment of the world of metro. In the first book it was established that danger lurked everywhere. The surface was riddled with monsters and mutants and the tunnels were full of things that cannot be explained. In 2035 there was not a single monster to be found anywhere. There were no unexplained phenomenons in the tunnels. There were no mutants on the surface.

A big part of what made metro unique was the 'lovecraftian horror' -element always present in the world. The monster of kremlin or the mental hazards in the tunnels were mysterious and fascinating elements, and all of this was completely missing. The book was focused around man being the worst monster. This aspect has been covered in so many other places, that I found that the metro series lost a lot by taking that aspect.

All in all I liked the book, but not as much as I would have hoped. I feel sad that the world has so much potential and there are so many mysteries and questions unanswered. Even the metro map at the start of the book has so many undiscovered secrets. I hope that we get a sequel that is more like the first book of the series. The world has been built but not explored entirely so it would be a shame if this would be the last book in this setting.
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