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Oct 24, 2011

it was amazing
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I am reading THE WHOLE Bible for the second time. Too many people out there don't even know what this book is. I think it is silly, embarrassing, and forgive my French - pathetic - to hear people say "The Holy Bible" or the Bible is the Word of God, and blah blah blah... and if you ask them how it came to be, who wrote it (they think God wrote it and gave to some prophet or something) or how we have in our language and such, The just don't know. They know some key teachings and verses that are pretty like Proverbs, Psalms, and some cool passages from the New Testament. With those crumbs they think they can tell you that the loaf was round as opposed to long, and if the crust was burn a little or not, and how much the "bread" actually weighed. The history of the Bible - what happened inside there, and how the book was put together is fascinating and dismisses some superstitious beliefs that cause the creation of more and more churches and even arrogance on the part of people who study it for a profit (to live off of teaching from its pages.) My own mother for example thought the book was magical but she would say sacred and would keep the Bible open with a nice cloth on it to bless the whole house. Anyone could have told her that it is not having the Bible in the house that blesses the house but living by its precepts, but she was Roman Catholic and that is what she inherited from there. When I told her I was going to read the Bible she freaked out and called the "father" of the parish we used to go to make me stop... because she was taught that people who read the Bible go crazy. Maybe some Catholics out there have read the whole Bible and if they did they may have toned down the number of images of sculpture to kneel before them in their houses and in their parishes, but I bet the majority does think that the Bible is Holy in the sense that it does send out these vibes from its holy pages. I speak from my experience from home, growing up, and I had my little statues I prayed to, so this is not an ignorant Mormon inventing things about that background. Maybe an ignorant Mormon that should not be exposing that... but hey... people like to expose my underwear, so I think it is fair to use the example of my own mother to tell how things go when a people is led not to read this fascinating book.

I have read it from cover to cover once, when I was a missionary for the LDS church. This second time around I have been noticing so much manipulation and aberrations that is impressive and could be disturbing, but I know that Jesus is the Christ and that God created the world, I worship the God of Israel, I know that He is the true God because Jesus said so, so I keep reading and keep the faith and I have the Book of Mormon to back my belief in Christ and the God of Israel. Othewise, by the time one reaches half of the book they may not want to have anything to do with that God or his people anymore. There is so much deceit, so much sex, so much incest, and so much murder and killings... I man killings!!!! Jehovah had serious issues with killing His children. Man! I put up with all that because later on Jesus talks about forgiving, and mercy, and heals the ear of the guy who comes to put Him in the cross and all that. You must really believe that the end justifies the means when you read the Bible. It is not for the unprepared and maybe that is why the Catholic church kept it from the masses for centuries. I can't really blame them but I thought they should have let them have the Bible and teach them to be faithful despite the issues there.

The book, for those who don't know, was written by prophets. That is a concept that modern Christianity abandoned, reject, and condemn in our days in unison. There can never be prophets anymore, they say, because they decided prophecies ended with Christ - but disregard that John had the vison called Revelations about 90 years after the death and resurrection of Christ. They also disregard the Counsil of Jerusalem, way after Christ resurrected, in the times of Paul who never met Christ before he was crucified, and they decide circumcision, the perpetual sign of the covenant between the God of the Old Testament, Jehovah himself, and men, was not necessary anymore. They don't think that such a thing had to be a revelation from God or the Jews that were being baptized (and only Jews were baptized) would not understand how Gentiles should not have it done. And Gentiles were only being baptized because by revelation, by adding to the existing word of God, Peter said that from that time on, long after Christ who only preached to Jews was gone, it was OK to baptize Gentiles.

So, you see, additions to holy scriptures, revelations changing practices, and prophets were natural to the chosen people and were common among the saints. That is how we have the Bible. Because things were being added. But you hear this non-Biblical teaching that nothing can be added to the Bible. To support that they use quotes from books in the Bible, Revelations for example strategically placed at the end but not being the last book written, saying that nothing should be added to that book. Well, there was no Bible when he wrote that, so that verse had only to do with the book of Revelation. Same thing with Deuteronomy. Those words are there and if we think it has to do with the Bible and not only the book of Deuteronomy, then the Bible becomes very easy to read, just a few pages and that is that.

I am saying all this because there is a lot of mysticism about it and either fat lies or convenient wrapping up of the word of God, the creation of a silent one, just so things stay withing a club, I call it the Bible club, and those who have anything more to day, should be stoned or crucified. By the way that was the position of the Jews who had the scriptures and would not accept any more prophets or scriptures.

Now, not all prophets were telling the future (another myth). Some were there to tell people to follow God or to bring new revelation, new stuff for people to do at the moment and those things were collected. The people who say God chose them (the Hebrews) kept record of their history and what the many, many, many prophets they had said. There are a lot more books that should be there than we can imagine. Some are quoted and we have no trace of those books. The Bible is incomplete and put together in a sequence that was convenient to the Roman church not in the order they were written. But the point is: the book is the result of something dynamic, a living God, a participating God, a talking God, a God that would visit people, and prophets, a lot of them. And the time would pass and more prophets would come and they would write and there was no Bible in the whole history of the Bible.

The reader needs to understand that the people whom we read about in the Bible NEVER had a Bible. Not even the followers of Jesus up to the 4th century when the original sect, or cult, that worshiped him contrary to the tradition of the Jews, the so called saints (separated, peculiar) and nicknamed Christians for that reason, they did not have a Bible for Pete's sake. Ask anyone you want and they think the Apostles had it. It is silly, sad, and frustrating.

Anyway, a good example of how things were is the book of Chronicles. The nation that was formed from the 12 children of Jacob (who became Israel) was split and a lot of idolatry was going on so they were carried away to Assyria and the rest of them to Babylonia. Ezra, a guy of the time they were supposed to return to rebuild Jerusalem years and years later, revised history and that is what Chronicles is. It is the same story of Kings (the books before Chronicles) but distorted to make people believe that they were still the chosen people and that the seed of David should keep the throne upon their return. So it is political and religious at the same time. So if you read Kings you know that David had an affair with a married woman although he was polygamous (it was OK for the Hebrews to be polygamous, go read the Bible and you will see - Mormons did not invent that out of the blue) and not only that, he killed her husband to hide the fact that he got her pregnant since he failed to have the guy go home and have sex with his wife. As soon as the guy was dead, king David married her, the child died, and Solomon is a child of this very lady, famous Bath-Sheba. Well, Ezra scrape that from history and the people, who did not have access to the other books because those were not times of printing material and people just did not have scriptures in their homes, had another view of David than those before the exile in Babylon. He did not stop there. Solomon became a great idolater because of his 700 wives and 300 concubines. His idolatry is not mentioned at all in Chronicles. Because they are all from Judah and Benjamin, or the Kingdom of Judah as it was known when it all ended, the rest of the family, the kingdom of Israel that was taken to Assyria and are called the 10 lost tribes, are demonized big time. They are bad, we are good. Just like that. Not even famous prophets from the history of the kingdom of Israel are mentioned, like Elijah for example.

I could go on and on but the point is: some books are manipulation of history done by ancient writers, and some are OK. Centuries later, after Rome took over the religion they could not stop growing even with much persecution (pretty much like Evangelical hold hand with the Mother Church today and would like all Mormons to be burn at the stake or be fed to lions) around the year 300 Jerome made a Bible in Latin from the originals in Greek and Hebrew. That Bible was not for the people to have and it took a lot of Protestants being burned by the Roman Church and the Church of England to have it in German and English. Thank goodness some men were inspired by God to do that work because now I can read it and I can tell what was going on and how Christian institutions today use of the same tactics the people in the dark ages or the middle ages did to keep people ignorant.

If you want to be intelligent and not a parrot, read this book and go and google what people have to say about the verses there, the history, both those who love it and hate it. I am not afraid of that because I have The Book of Mormon which testifies that this book is the word of God and that many things were changed or corrupted in it. So, I am careful, and I will not accept these theories of the infallibility of the Bible. Man! It is like saying we are the only ones in the whole Universe. What are the odds of those things being true? Look at the pictures of the universe we are getting? Say what? Jesus died for us and was resurrected and we will go live with him one day and it is the end of the story? Can you imagine the waste of time and space in that story? Tell me I am crazy as a Mormon thinking that there is more to this story than this... I don't care. There is no end to God's creation and there is no beginning. That can only be understood with some science we have not acquired yet, but one things is true. If there is no end, sorry, but this story will repeat or is repeating somewhere out there and they have their Bible too. The Bible has errors because we are humans. The prophets had issues, people God chose had issues, David was adulterous and murderous but God forgave him and loved him. Solomon was given wisdom like no one else and turned to worshiping false gods after two encounters with God Himself. Israel tricked his father to get the rights of firstborn and he was not. Judah had sex with his daughter-in-law and that child plays a role in the story of Ruth. God works with humans and humans have flaws and so does His Holy Book. We must have the gift of the Holy Ghost and His help to read and not be deceived.

I hope you do read it. I hope you get a copy of the Book of Mormon to be safe. I hope you can see the big picture too. And this is what I think about the Holy Bible - well, I picked the King James Bible because the LDS church uses that but they made several different ones to support their churches or to be politically correct or because it was fun... and they are probably all infallible. Go check.

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March 31, 2014 –
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60.25% "Man... I started reading it for the second time cover to cover in 2005 and I have read now 958 pages but it is not just reading I am writing comments on almost every single verse, group of verses, or chapters/events but to have an idea, from Genesis to the beginning of Leviticus I added the words I have written on my thoughts on what I read and it added up to 220,000 words... two books of 240 pages each! :)"

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