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How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming by Mike Brown
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Oct 24, 2011

it was ok

In the book How I kill Pluto and why I had it coming it tells how space brought Mike Brown an astronomer to find his wife and 2 new planets. This book is for anyone, but I would mainly suggest people who want to learn about space and to learn new things about specifically our solar system.
Have you ever found something new and exciting and you try to hold it in, and you do: but somehow it just all falls out on the table, for you to later you find out that you didn’t discover it you were just slow to get the news. Well that’s how Mike Brown felt.
It started back in 1997 when he had just got out of college. He immediately was picked up by Caltech. They were at the time the leading space place in the U.S. Mike was excited, but as most people he was nervous too. It had just got out of college. He was asking himself; am I ready for this? Should I even accept the job? He soon came to his senses and realized that even though he was just coming out of college it was a great start for him and he could use the extra money to get started for the test of his life.
So Mike began, began his job and more importantly began his life. He started off just walking around not really understanding and knowing what to do. He slowly, but started talking and getting to know people. He began to know what they expected from him. Mike began contributing to the Caltech people. He could now tell what they wanted from him. He started off by looking into the solar system and trying to see if he could find anything exciting or even worth telling the head people of the business. At first Mike couldn’t get anything going. He always thought he had something going and then the pieces just wouldn’t go together for him. He was frustrated within his first month or two.
Mike realized that if he wanted to be successful in this new job, that he going to need to calm down and relax and that if he tries but stays calm all the answers will come to him and that everything will just work out fine. So he did; he did what was needed to be done and waited till he had time to do what he wanted after he got done what needed to be done. He found out that by doing this he had more time to himself. He got more sleep instead of staying up so late trying to do what didn’t absolutely need to be done at the time. Mike worked more affectingly.
The best thing you could say though that ever happened to Mike Brown while working at Caltech was that he found the love of his life Diane. They started out by just talking every once in a while. Then he invited her to have lunch. They sat and talked for 3 hours. After that night he knew that they were meant for each other. She didn’t have to stay and listen to him she could have left. They started dating and the found out more and more about each other. They soon after dating for only 6 months got married. A year went on and they got settled in. Then Lila came. Their very own daughter and finally arrived; Mike although excited, was getting more tired than what he was before. He was either up late working on finding something new in space and working on business stuff, or it was helping Diane with Lila.
Diane and Mike continued to work at Caltech. Diane wasn’t working as much as she usually was due to the baby. Mike then had it discovered. He had found Santa; Santa was a planet that Mike found in the Kupier Belt. He was so excited and this was indeed one of those things that you wanted to hold in to seem all smart, just to watch it all explode up in your face. Mike says that the top reason he didn’t say earlier, was because he wanted to make sure it was a planet. He didn’t want to announce and then just have some other scientist prove him wrong. He kept quite for a few months. Mike made sure to keep on his research, both for the planet and also whatever the business asked of him. He then announced it. So filled with joy; he went home and got a disturbing email. It said that some Spanish astronomers had discovered the planet. Disappointed he didn’t feel like trying to argue about it. He moved on with it, and started double checking where he had already found the other planet to see if he had missed anything. While going over and double checking he discovered what he first thought was a star. Later discovering that it was indeed a planet. He named it object x. The NASA program the recognizes Mike for his discovery. Wait but what happened to Santa. Turns out it was star, it had no orbit what so ever. Mike is still married to Diane. Their daughter Lila is now 5 years old.

The book was ok. It was a slow moving book and I didn’t like that. The book though would be good for someone who likes to move slow and learn about science. That’s my opinion on the book.

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